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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 574

    Chapter 574 Breathtaking 4

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    In a concert hall.

    Shangxin adhered to the meeting time and had arrived at the concert venue. As she held her concert ticket, she matched the seat numbers and searched for her seat.

    All of a sudden, her cell phone rang.

    She placed the concert ticket in her hand into the pocket of her coat and dug out her cell phone from her bag.

    When she saw that Nian Xiaomu was the one who was calling her, her eyes flickered as she picked the call up in no time.

    Upon hearing that Nian Xiaomu had specially called to invite her to attend her engagement party, the corner of her mouth curved up into a warm smile and Shangxin said, “Okay, I will definitely attend it.”

    When Nian Xiaomu heard her certain reply, she couldn’t help it and asked another question, “How have you been lately? I saw Tang Yuansi outside the restaurant as well the last time that I saw you…”

    Shangxin tightened her grip on her cell phone when she heard that name and interrupted Nian Xiaomu gently, “Xiao Mumu, I am at a concert hall. The performance is about the start, so I’ll hang up the call first if there’s nothing else.”

    After she finished speaking, she hung up the call before Nian Xiaomu could say anything.

    As she rummaged through her coat pocket and took the concert ticket out again, a self-mocking smile appeared at the corners of her lips.

    She seriously had no idea how she should explain everything to Nian Xiaomu.

    Trying her best to forget about someone was so painful…

    Shangxin reached out and patted her face. Just as she lifted her head up, she saw a suave and elegant young man walking toward her.

    A look of surprise flashed past his eyes when he saw her.

    He smiled and asked, “Are you Shangxin? I am Wang Chen. I almost could not recognize you—I didn’t expect that you would be so much prettier in real life than in the photos.”

    The man who introduced himself as Wang Chen extended his hand out politely after he finished speaking.

    “I am really glad to meet you. It really did not cross my mind that such a pretty girl like you would need to go on a blind date as well.”


    The smile on Shangxin’s face froze slightly as she listened to his words of praise.

    She reached out and shook hands with him.

    At the same time, she studied the person in front of her.

    Wang Chen was the second blind date partner whom her parents had arranged for her.

    He was a rich second-generation heir.

    However, it was said that the Wang family had a strict family tradition. As a result and unlike his fellow wealthy second-generation heirs, Wang Chen did not develop a character that was as frivolous and restless. Instead, he was instead more gentle in his behavior.

    Shangxin was stunned when she heard that he had decided to meet her at a concert hall.

    However, she seemed to understand the reason why when she saw his refined and gentle look.

    Actually, everyone who stood before her would all seem the same, as long as they were not Tang Yuansi…

    She turned around and took a scan around the concert hall when she thought of that person.

    The lights in the concert venue were all lit up because the concert had not started yet.

    From the position where she was at, she would be able to spot him instantly if he appeared.

    However, Shangxin did not see that familiar figure after a round of searching.

    It seemed that he had finally thought it through and would not stop her from going on blind dates anymore…

    What exactly was she looking for?

    As Wang Chen followed her gaze and stared in the direction that she was looking, he asked her curiously when he did not see anything, “Are you searching for someone?”

    “Nothing, I was just casually looking around.” Shangxin collected her gaze and hid the disappointment in her eyes.

    She followed Wang Chen and walked to their seats.

    Both of them had booked seats in a booth since they knew that they were going on a blind date.

    The VIP area, which was specially segregated with two seats combined for each set, looked no different from typical couple seating.

    The concert was about to start just when Shangxin had taken her seat.

    The lights in the hall dimmed instantly.

    The lights that suddenly lit up on the stage caught everyone’s attention.

    She did not see that a handsome figure was silently sneaking in from the entrance…