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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 345

    Chapter 345 A Gentleman Uses His Mouth And Not His Fist

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    Yu Yuehan was at the end of his patience. Reaching out, he pressed onto Nian Xiaomu’s head and turned her head around to face him. Lowering his gaze, he stared fixedly at her.

    With a pause after every word, he said, “Do I have a bad temper?”

    “Uh, um, eh! Don’t blame me for saying it, but who wouldn’t be afraid when they see your current expression?” Nian Xiaomu shuddered and pointed her fingers at his chilly face.

    She squeezed his handsome face with her tiny hands when she saw that he was in a trance.

    Coupled with some slight tugging and pulling, she managed to form an arch at the corner of his mouth.

    Following which, she mumbled, “Indeed, you look more handsome when you smile!”


    “I am serious! You look much better than that Fan Yu when you smile!”

    Nian Xiaomu did not speak in a loud voice and only the two of them could hear what she said.

    The people socializing with Yu Yuehan could not hear their conversation clearly; all they saw was a woman who had the audacity to pinch Yu Yuehan’s face in the full view of the public.

    All of them broke into cold sweats over Nian Xiaomu’s fate.

    However, they realized that not a single hint of anger remained in Yu Yuehan’s eyes when they lifted their heads up and looked at him.

    Instead, he allowed Nian Xiaomu to horse around in front of him as he looked on with a loving expression.

    This was also coupled with the manners of a gentleman as well as an expression that said: “I have to dote on my woman!”

    Immediately, she was so stunned that not a single word could exit her mouth

    “Don’t fool around. There are other people here as well.” All of a sudden, Yu Yuehan spoke in a gentle tone and reached out to give her hair a light rub.

    It seemed like he was coaxing Xiao Liuliu with his loving and pampering tone.

    Nian Xiaomu was initially worried that he would be pissed by her words, but instead, she was left dumbfounded when she heard what he said.

    Her entire body went numb; it was as if a surge of electricity had passed through every single organ in her body.


    The gentle Yu Yuehan totally had the power to turn one’s legs wobbly!

    Just when Nian Xiaomu was about to praise him, a gentle and kind voice sounded from behind, “Long time no see, Young Master Han!”


    Nian Xiaomu froze. Since she was standing in front of Yu Yuehan and facing him, she could not see the person behind her.

    However, she had the feeling that there were numerous gazes surrounding her, all of which were staring fixedly at her.

    At this moment, while Nian Xiaomu was pondering if this voice belonged to Fan Yu, Yu Yuehan’s hand bypassed her body as he shook hands with someone. Following which, he opened his mouth and said in a casual tone, “Young Master Fan, you are being too modest.”

    Just when Nian Xiaomu heard this form of address and wanted to turn around, Yu Yuehan suddenly held her waist in his arms and pulled her into his embrace.

    Nian Xiaomu looked up in astonishment. Clenching her fist, she sent a punch at his chest.

    “Yu Yuehan, what are you doing? Quickly let go of me!”

    She had underwent great difficulty before she could finally take a close look at Fan Yu. Why was he trying to create a disturbance?

    However, the back of Nian Xiaomu’s head was also fastened in place when she tried to twist her head around anxiously.

    Following which, Yu Yuehan stuck his thin lips close to her ears. With a magnetic voice, he opened his mouth slowly and said, “Nian Xiaomu, didn’t anyone tell you not to pick up wild flowers from the roadside?”

    Nian Xiaomu: “!!”

    Finally, she managed to break free from Yu Yuehan’s embrace. When she turned around, Fan Yu, who had been standing in front of them just a while ago, was once again surrounded in the middle of another crowd, and only the back of his head could be seen.

    He was very tall and lean.

    Yet, he wasn’t skinny in a way where one would think that he was weak and frail.

    Glancing at the crowd from afar, he was also the most attractive one among them all.

    Argh, so pissed!

    She was just a tiny step away from seeing him up close just now!

    Perhaps they would have been able to have a word or two with each other as well, but it was all gone now

    The rare chance to familiarize herself with her competitor was completely ruined!

    “Yu Yuehan, a gentleman uses his mouth and not his fist!”

    Nian Xiaomu puffed up her cheeks in anger and glared at Yu Yuehan fiercely.

    In contrast, the other party gave her an expression that spelled: “come and bite me if you have the ability to do so.”

    Nian Xiaomu: “!!”