The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 318

Chapter 318 What Else Do You Have To Say About It?

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As Wen Yadai finished her sentence, all of the employees in the meeting room sucked in a deep breath.

The looks with which they gazed upon Nian Xiaomu were all filled with suspicion.

Nian Xiaomu stared at the numerous gazes that doubted her. If she could not find evidence to prove her innocence, she wouldn’t have the face to continue working at the Yu Corporation even if Yu Yuehan did not dismiss her today!

Wen Yadai chuckled inwardly when she saw everyone’s reaction.

The worst feeling for someone who was falsely accused of theft wasn’t the inability to purge their suspicions.

The worst feeling for that person was having to receive the critical gazes from the people around them.

With these gazes, they had set their minds and thought that you were the criminal. Silently and motionlessly, these gazes could force someone to their death!

This was exactly the effect that Wen Yadai wanted!

“Since you say that you were not the one who divulged the design drafts, do you have any evidence to prove your words?” Wen Yadai asked in an aggressive manner when she saw that the atmosphere had been stirred to a high peak.

“ I never thought of doing evil, hence I did not think of leaving any evidence at that point in time to prove my innocence.” Nian Xiaomu stood up from her seat slowly as she stared at everyone’s gazes.

After that, faced with Wen Yadai’s interrogation, Nian Xiaomu replied by asking, “Manager Wen, you readily repeated that I am the corporate spydo you have any evidence to prove that I am indeed the one?”

A commotion ensued the moment Nian Xiaomu finished speaking her piece.

Everyone started whispering to one another.

“Ah, yes. It doesn’t seem right to accuse others without evidence, yeah?”

“I remember that Supervisor Nian was very outstanding in her work and had very good prospects in the Yu Corporation. Why would she want to become a corporate spy?”

“But Manager Wen is a very nice person as well and wouldn’t raise her voice at others. There must be a reason why she is so angry this time!”

“I feel that there is a very high chance that Nian Xiaomu leaked the designs. She was the only one who came in contact with the design drafts, and she does not have any evidence to prove her innocence either”


“Shut up!” Yu Yuehan opened his mouth lightly and spilled out these two words. Instantly, the clamoring voices around him disappeared without a single trace.

He stared at Wen Yadai indifferently with his deep and dark eyes.

“If you have no evidence, I will set up a professional investigative team to look into this matter.”

“Of course I have evidence!” Wen Yadai replied in a hurry.

Her fierce and sharp gaze was very different from how she usually conducted herself.

Nian Xiaomu had already escaped from her plots so many times and even caused her to suffer major losses with regards to so many of her capable subordinates.

She would not give Nian Xiaomu another chance to do so this time around!

Wen Yadai sent a glance at the secretary beside her. Instantly, someone entered the room with an invoice in hand.

Reaching out, Wen Yadai picked up the invoice and dangled it before everyone’s eyes.

“This is a transaction record that my men have retrieved from the bank just now. Just an hour before our competitor called for a press conference, Nian Xiaomu received a major sum of half a million yuan into her bank account.”


This simple sentence caused an instant uproar across the entire meeting room!

Such a huge payment sum at such a sensitive timing.

Very few of those who were present would believe it if Nian Xiaomu said that this wasn’t an illegal and underhanded act.

If Nian Xiaomu wasn’t able to explain the source of this sum of money, she would definitely be unable to clear her name with respect to the incident today!

“Supervisor Nian, what else do you have to say about this?” With a wave of her hands, Wen Yadai threw the invoice at Nian Xiaomu.

A ray of confident light shone through her pair of cold eyes.

She would definitely hit the bullseye because she had confronted the enemy personally!

Nian Xiaomu’s pupils shrank after she scrutinized the invoice before her.

“I have never seen this sum of money. How did you manage to trace it?”