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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 298

    Chapter 298 Was He Angry?

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    “We’ll get lost immediately. Immediately!”

    These several reporters no longer dared to question him about what had happened in the room earlier. After they scrambled to delete the photos in a fluster, they turned around and fled!

    Wen Yadai stood among the crowd and gritted her teeth fiercely when she witnessed this scene.

    Unresigned to this ending, her hands that were draped by the sides of her body clenched into furiously balled up fists.

    Her plan was very comprehensive, and she was only left with the last step.

    As long as the reporters witnessed both Nian Xiaomu and Chen Zixin staying in a room all by themselves, they would never be able to clear their names!

    Why, why did Young Master Han appear?

    Especially after she had already allowed the employees from the department to trap him in the dining area

    Wen Yadai could only endure the unhappiness and unwillingness within her.

    Seeing that the reporters had fled the scene as if they were running for their lives, she immediately walked out of the crowd and headed forward, pretending that she had no idea what had happened.

    “Young Master Han, what happened just now? Why were there so many reporters here all of a sudden? Wasn’t President Chen Jr. already dead drunk just now?”

    Wen Yadai’s questions represented the thoughts of everyone present.

    The moment she spoke up, everyone instantly focused their attention upon the few people in question.

    “It was only a few glasses of red wine. How could I really be dead drunk.” Reaching out, Chen Zixin adjusted his clothes and walked forward.

    He took a glance at the employees who were standing outside.

    “I had specially made an appointment with Young Master Han to discuss our collaboration for the next season. Since Supervisor Nian happened to be looking for him as well, the three of us sat down to have a chat. Who knew that reporters nowadays were so savage and rampant that they actually slammed the door open just because we didn’t answer the door when they knocked!”

    After Chen Zixin gave a simple explanation on the situation just now, he followed the employees from the department and headed downstairs.

    The dinner party continued without any mishap after the daunting experience.

    Since everyone was having fun, no one was trying to get to the bottom of the incident that had happened just now.

    No one except for Nian Xiaomu.

    She had been preoccupied with her thoughts throughout her walk back to the restaurant.

    The scene where she rushed to the balcony and was prepared to jump off filled her entire mind.

    Just when the everyone, including the reporters, was blocking the way to the door, Yu Yuehan silently entered the room beside them.

    He seemed to dominate the dark night as his tall figure blended into the night sky.

    It was demonic and eerily cold.

    At that point in time, she thought that her eyes were playing tricks on her and was stumped for words; even when Chen Zixin was vying to be the one who should jump, no words could get out of her mouth.

    Just like that, she stared blankly at the balcony beside the room and at the figure that seemed to be just like a figment of her imagination.

    She continued staring until she saw him supporting the railings on the balcony with both his hands as he flipped his body over to her side.

    His silent and skillful moves were so quick that one was unable to react in time.

    When she finally returned to her senses, he was already standing before her just like a deity that had descended from above.

    Enveloping her with his overbearing aura, his huge hands suddenly pressed on her head, and he asked in a deep voice, “What happened?”

    Her mind had gone blank, and she completely forgot what she had said in reply.

    She only recalled that Yu Yuehan went to Chen Zixin after calling her an “idiot.” Then, he strolled toward the door, which was on the verge of being smashed open, after he had given Chen Zixin some instructions with a cold face.

    After that, the reporters managed to kick the door open before displaying utterly shocked looks on their faces.

    When Nian Xiaomu thought of this, she couldn’t help but lift her head up and steal a glance at the man standing in front of her.

    Even though she clearly had a head full of questions, she shifted her gaze away from him with a terrified look the moment she met his gaze.

    For the entire night, she did not dare to sit down as long as Yu Yuehan was still standing.

    Even if Yu Yuehan had sat down, she would not have also dared to sit down.

    She felt that everything seemed to have stopped in time, and every passing second was torture to her.

    He only stood up and strolled out after the dinner party was coming to an end.

    All of a sudden, he paused in his steps only after walking a fair distance away from her and turned around to cast a cold look at her.

    “Aren’t you ready to leave yet?”