The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 27

    Chapter 27: Could they really...

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    I will survive... What did it mean?

    Who exactly was she and what secrets did she hold?

    Countless doubts, accompanied by her carelessly spilled words, filled his heart.

    "Xiao Liuliu, don't be afraid, sister is here..." Nian Xiaomu curled up her body and muttered.

    Her tightly knitted eyebrows hinted that she seemed to be worried about someone.

    "..." Yu Yuehan stiffened slightly. As he looked at Xiao Liuliu, who was sleeping so soundly beside her, his gaze softened.

    His suspicions toward Nian Xiaomu reduced significantly after she muttered that sentence.

    Perhaps he was overly sensitive.

    Regardless of her identity, at least her care and concern toward Xiao Liuliu were genuine.

    The sky was gradually brightening outside.

    Having not slept the entire night, signs of fatigue could be observed from the gap between Yu Yuehan's eyebrows.

    He walked forward and tightly drew the curtains shut.

    As he turned around, he saw that Xiao Liuliu had entered Nian Xiaomu's arms without him noticing. Her soft and tiny body leaned onto Nian Xiaomu's chest, her lips pouting with satisfaction like a cat.

    Although Nian Xiaomu was in a deep sleep, she subconsciously hugged the little human in her arms...

    These two sure did not look alike, but they emitted an unspeakable sense of harmony.

    It was as if everything was as it should be...

    Tranquil, beautiful...

    Yu Yuehan squinted. He was about to leave, but stopped in his tracks when he saw this scene.

    He had stayed here because he wanted to probe Nian Xiaomu.

    He was not assuredbe it her identity and background or her novice experience in caring for the sick Xiao Liuliu.

    But now, as he looked at the close-knit adult and child pair, he actually saw an illusion.

    It was as if he was the unnecessary one...


    Nian Xiaomu had a deep sleep.

    As she opened her eyes in a daze and saw the unfamiliar room before her, she sat up from the bed in a jiffy.

    "Xiao Liuliu..." Nian Xiaomu seemed to recall something and hurriedly glanced behind her.

    Beside her was a soft and tiny figurelying on the the pillow with a crooked sleeping posture.

    Her delicate little face had regained its natural fair shade of color as her fever subsided.

    Nian Xiaomu could finally relax.

    Right then, she realized that something had slipped off her body.

    She lowered her head. It was a blanket.

    She stared blankly for a few seconds as her muddled brain slowly regained consciousness...

    The next second, when she realized that she was sleeping in Yu Yuehan's bed, she nearly leaped up from shock!

    She covered her mouth and stopped herself from screaming out loud.

    Then, she glanced at the other side of the bed without hesitation!

    In the end, her tiny and weak heart did not manage to hop out from her throatYu Yuehan was not on the other side of the bed.

    Almost immediately, countless questions flooded her mind.

    She definitely slept on the sofa, so how did she ended up on the bed?

    And where was Yu Yuehan?

    Had they really... slept together last night?

    "Are you a pig? You actually slept like a log..." Nian Xiaomu pulled her hair, which was already in a mess, and cursed silently, upset at herself.

    She only spent a night with Yu Yuehan, and she forgot every single thing!

    While Nian Xiaomu's frame of mind was in a state of chaos, in the study room on the second floor, Fang Zhenyi stood in front of the study table with a ghastly pale face.

    She had been ordered by the butler to head to the study room first thing in the morning.

    She was paralyzed with excitement at the thought of seeing Yu Yuehan.

    She wanted to use this chance to perform before Young Master Han and impart a better impression.

    However, she had not expected the man sitting by the study table to not cast a single glance at herit had already been a few hours since she arrived!