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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 171

    Chapter 171 To Stew In One's Own Juice

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    As Shangxin finished her sentence, a loud gasp sounded instantly in the public relations department.

    Everyone present was stupefied!

    Shangxin, who usually would not accept any endorsements, had really accepted the deal from their company.

    Ye Mingmin stared blankly and did not come back to her senses for a few seconds. However, Shangxin did not seem to mind and shook Nian Xiaomu’s hands tightly. “We will meet again soon. You guys don’t have to send me off.”

    “There might be reporters at the main gate. I will ask the secretary to send all of you out through the back door,” Nian Xiaomu replied hurriedly.

    “Okay.” Shangxin nodded her head. However, she appeared to still have something to say when her manager, who was beside her, whispered something in her ears.

    The expression on her face flickered slightly; she looked Nian Xiaomu in the eye deeply before she left with her manager.

    The moment they entered the elevator.

    Her manager couldn’t resist it and said, “You know that your family will be unhappy if you accept endorsements. Why did you still agree to Nian Xiaomu’s request?”

    “Because she gave me the courage to persevere on!” Shangxin’s eyes were filled with obscurity. A long time later, she spoke again, “Actually, she resembled a friend that I knew a long time ago. Except for the fact that that person…”

    Shangxin seemed to have recalled an unhappy memory; her eyes dropped as she fell silent.

    The delegation left quietly in the same manner that they had when they first arrived.

    The public relations department was rejoicing because of the successful endorsement deal that had been clinched with Shangxin!

    “Great! Our collaboration with Sheng Da Science and Technology will be better and better from now on with the endorsement that we clinched with Shangxin!”

    “I would become so emotional whenever the thought of Shangxin accepting our endorsement deal appeared in my mindshe was someone who would never accept any endorsements! Quick, pinch me. I want to check if I am dreaming…”

    “I will bring this piece of good news to Manager Wen now!” The secretary turned around and headed right to the manager’s office the moment she came back to her senses.

    All of them were still celebrating in the office area.

    Fang Lan was the only one who was squeezed right into the corner. As she looked at her colleagues who were exchanging joyously with one another, the words of threat that she had used on Nian Xiaomu rang incessantly in her ears.

    “If she really did manage to invite Shangxin, I would willingly kneel and kowtow to her three times publicly, let alone apologize publicly!”

    She had bet on the fact that Shangxin would not accept the endorsement. Hence, she preyed on the chance that Nian Xiaomu would make a fool out of herself and wanted to subsequently chase Niao Xiaomu out of the public relations department.

    However, Fang Lan had never expected that not only had Shangxin kept her promise and appeared for the meeting, she even readily accepted the endorsement.

    Anyone with eyes could see the hidden details behind the scene just now.

    Nian Xiaomu was the sole reason why Shangxin had agreed to the collaboration.

    Nian Xiaomu had now become the greatest hero of the public relations departmentshe wouldn’t actually expect Fang Lan to kowtow to her in apology, right?

    Fang Lan’s face turned ghastly pale in an instant.

    She shifted toward the door quietly and away from the attention of the others.

    After she left the office, she would next use the reason of her body being unwell as an excuse and avoid heading to work for the next few days. As time passed, everyone would naturally forget about this incident.

    Yes! This was the way to go!

    As Fang Lan thought of this, her footsteps hastened; the door seemed to be just steps away from her as she weaved through the crowd.

    “Fang Lan, you seem to be in a hurry. Where are you heading to?” someone spoke loudly out of the blue.

    Just a moment ago, the public relations department still had a bustling atmosphere. Suddenly, the entire department quieted down.

    Everyone turned around and stared in Fang Lan’s direction without exception.

    Fang Lan, who was about to sneak away secretly, instantly froze right at the door!

    “I recall that someone had mentioned that if Supervisor Nian managed to enlist Shangxin for the endorsement deal, she would kowtow three times before her in apology. Isn’t it time for this someone to fulfill her promise now?”