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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 169

    Chapter 169

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    “He is very busy at work and won’t see me.” Shangxin grasped the baseball cap silently in her hand and bit her lip. “Actually, I know that he just doesn’t want to see me. Sometimes, I don’t even know if I should press on…”

    “If you still like him, of course you have to press on!” Nian Xiaomu grabbed her hands as she urged Shangxin to not give up.

    “Have you forgotten that I had been rejected multiple times when I first tried to get you to be our spokesperson? You had even turned me down personally, but look at us now!”

    They were sitting together and were not only discussing work matters, but also chatting like good friends.

    This was why one would never know if a miracle would eventually happen if one did not persevere!

    “…” Shangxin paused for a moment before breaking into a smile and nodding in agreement.

    Nian Xiaomu had initially moved Shangxin with her tenacious spirit.

    She was very special!

    “I’ve seen your endorsement proposal. I’m interested in the final clause of it. Do you have the utmost confidence that you can deliver the product to him?” Shangxin took the proposal from Nian Xiaomu’s hands, flipping to the last page and pointing at it as she raised her question.

    The collaboration between Sheng Da Science and Technology and the Yu Corporation was a series of high-tech electronic products.

    The first product to be rolled out was a new smartphone.

    The biggest selling point of this new cell phone was its unique design and a novel smartphone experience.

    The main promotional point was its exclusivity.

    This was why Sheng Da Science and Technology had hoped to appoint Shangxin, who was known for her strength of character, to be the spokesperson. However, the reason Nian Xiaomu managed to win her over was…

    “I have already discussed it with Sheng Da Science and Technology. As long as you are willing to be the spokesperson for this cell phone, they will customize a pair of couple phones for you. The home screen for the male set will be your photograph. As for the female set…”

    “I have his personal photograph!” Shangxin interrupted excitedly.

    Her heart felt fuzzy with delight just thinking about how she would be greeted with Tang Yuansi’s photograph on the home screen whenever she unlocked her phone.

    More importantly, her photograph would be on the home screen of his phone!

    In the future, whenever he had to pick up a phone call or send a text message, he would see her…

    It would be impossible for Tang Yuansi to forget her then!

    “I would have been able to arrange a pair of couple phones on my own too. It’s just that he has returned all the presents that I have sent to him in the past. Why would he use a phone with my photograph on it?” Shangxin asked with grave concern.

    This was why she had made a special trip to the company office.

    She had been willing to break her policy of rejecting endorsements only because there was a tinge of hope that Tang Yuansi would keep an item related to her close to himself.

    If the contract could not fulfill this point, then she would not be the least bit interested in the partnership no matter how much the endorsement fees were.

    “Then we will have to see if he has you in his heart.” Nian Xiaomu looked to the side and a streak of cheekiness flickered past her eyes.

    Seeing that Shangxin was lost in her thoughts, Nian Xiaomu explained with a smile, “The Yu Corporation is in charge of the launch of the new products for Sheng Da Science and Technology. I will deliberately release the news that Sheng Da Science and Technology will customize 10 sets of cell phones as part of its commemorative activities. I found out that the Tang Corporation and Sheng Da Science and Technology have business ties, so it is quite reasonable to present a cell phone to Tang Yuansi using Sheng Da’s name.”

    This way, Tang Yuansi would not find out that his phone was part of a unique pair of couple phones.

    He would treat it as a gift from a business partner and would not find it strange that the photograph on the home screen was Shangxin since she was the product spokesperson.

    “What does this have to do with whether or not his heart is thinking about me?”