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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 168

    Chapter 168 Afraid That He'll Forget About Me

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    “Is it President Tang?” Nian Xiaomu heard what she said and asked subconsciously.

    When Shangxin heard her, a hint of surprise flashed past her eyes; it seemed that she hadn’t expected Nian Xiaomu to be so straightforward with her questions. Instantly, Shangxin turned her head and looked at the people around her.

    Her manager quickly waved her hands and motioned the team of people to exit.

    Only the two of them were left in the meeting room.

    Shangxin reached out and removed the baseball cap from her head. She pursed her lips and finally opened her mouth slowly to say, “I have known Brother Xiaosi for years. In the beginning, he was still in the orphanage…”

    Shangxin seemed to have sunken into a memory hole; her aura completely changed.

    Tang Yuansi was still one of the orphans from Orphanage Tongle when she first got to know him.

    He was undoubtedly a child, but he seemed like an adult with his cool and mature character. He was cold to everyone and loved to sit alone in the tiny and rundown library of the orphanage, staring at the windows quietly.

    He was cold to everyone except to her, whom he treated in an exceptionally gentle manner.

    Afterward, he was adopted by her favorite uncle and nominally became her brother.

    At that point, her favorite thing to do was to chase behind him; she would call out “Brother Xiaosi” and wait for his gaze to meet hers. Back then, he would look at her with a loving expression.

    Alternatively, she would hide and only jump out after he felt anxious from searching for a long period of timejust to see his surprised expression…

    Their childhood was filled with happiness; both of them were each other’s innocent playmate…

    Then, the Tang’s appeared. Subsequently, everything started to change gradually…

    “I am not afraid that you will laugh at me for saying thisthe reason why I became a model was all because of him.” A bitter smile emerged from the corner of her mouth; from the way Shangxin looked at Nian Xiaomu, she appeared to be lonely.

    “Ever since the Tang Family fetched him home, he rarely contacted me. At that time, I often secretly slipped away from home just to see him. However, it was funny that even though I was already at the Tang Family, I did not want to see him at all. One day, by coincidence, I saw an advertisement for a modeling competition. It was a very simple thought at that timeif I can make it on television, he would be able to see me often and would not forget about me…”

    “…” Nian Xiaomu had not expected that such a story existed behind Shangxin’s mysterious appearance.

    She stared blankly for a few seconds. Feeling sorry for Shangxin, she gave her hand a squeeze.

    “I am fine. So many years have passed that I am already used to it.” Shangxin shook her head and returned back to her strong, bright appearance.

    Reaching out, she held her baseball cap in her hands and paced back and forth in front of Nian Xiaomu. “Do you know why I wear this baseball cap all the time when I disguise myself and sneak into the crowd of fans?”

    “It was a gift from him?” Nian Xiaomu raised her eyebrows.

    “Yup.” Shangxin nodded her head actively as her smile became even brighter and more beautiful. She added, “He was against me entering the entertainment industry and felt that this industry was too complex. Hence, he always flew into a terrible rage whenever he heard that I had events to attend. Yet, he would be worried about me afterward and could not help but visit me whenever I attended any events.”

    As Shangxin spoke on, she seemed to have thought of something, and her smile gradually disappeared.

    “However, he would not even be able to come to the events that I am attending now.”


    “I wear this baseball cap on purpose because I worry that he won’t recognize me when he arrives. Sadly, I forgot the fact that it would be useless for me to wear this if he did not visit at all. Look at me, aren’t I very silly?” Shangxin’s expression became uncertain as she spoke on.

    Sometimes, persisting on a matter for a long period of time would turn it into a habit.

    However, one would still feel exhausted even if it was a habit.

    One would feel like giving up…

    “Since you wanted to meet him, why didn’t you look for him?” Nian Xiaomu asked, feeling puzzled.

    She had checked Tang Yuansi’s personal detailshe was single and ready to mingle.

    It shouldn’t be a problem even if the roles were swapped and Shangxin was the one chasing him.