The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1545

    Chapter 1545 Who Would Understand His Loneliness?

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    After waiting for quite some time, Zheng Yan still did not make a sound.

    Mo Chengxians brows furrowed even more tightly. It seemed that he had never met a person of younger status who dared to act so insolently in front of him.

    How many times had he asked her already?

    Yet, she had not spoken a word at all. Was she putting on airs in front of him and acting like a big shot?

    "Elderly head, please simmer down. From how I see it, Zheng Yan probably realizes she has been duped and is angry about it. Thats why shes too overwhelmed to answer your question!" Qi Yan at one side muttered slowly.

    Hearing this, Mr. Mo turned to look at him, questioning him what he meant with his gaze.

    Qi Yan had waited for this moment as earnestly as hoping for a good rain after a drought.

    Without any hesitation, he pulled Tan Bengbeng forward together with him, trying to lay a trap for Mo Yongheng.

    "Elderly head, you probably dont know this. I ran into these two in the courtyard earlier. Zheng Yan looked like she did not know that you forbade Mo Yongheng from being with other women and wanted him to become your grandson-in-law. She probably thought that this was just an ordinary and informal meeting. Now that she has realized what this is, shes definitely horrified!"

    "Qi Yan, dont spout nonsense!"

    Tan Bengbeng tried to tug at him but failed to do so.

    Seeing that Zheng Yan was still in a daze and not speaking, Qi Yan continued to speak up for her.

    "Elderly head, when it comes to matters of the heart, whats most important is that the two have feelings for each other. I can tell that Zheng Yan was obviously duped here. If she does not actually like Mo Yongheng, you must stand up for her. Dont let our Young Master Yongheng abuse his power to bully other young and innocent girls!"

    "Is that really the case?" Mo Chengxians face changed and he reached out his hand to let Qi Yan help him get off the bed.

    Qi Yan rushed forward instantly and did not mind having his status lowered as he bent down and reached his hand out like a lowly eunuch, helping the elderly head get off the bed.

    He watched as he sat down in the wheelchair, and wheeled him over to Zheng Yan.

    Ignoring Mo Yonghengs warning gaze, he let out two light coughs and tried to guide Zheng Yan sympathetically, "In front of the elderly head, no one is to lie. You still have a chance to back out now. If you dont want to be with Mo Yongheng, you should speak up now and the elderly head will definitely stand up for you. Youll never get an opportunity again if you miss it now!"

    "You really dont like Yongheng?" Mo Chengxian sat on the wheelchair, his gaze filled with scrutiny as he stared intently at Zheng Yans blank face.

    It was unclear what Zheng Yan was thinking, and she did not snap out of her daze for some time.

    She only felt a sharp pain in her fingertips and abruptly returned to her senses, realizing that Mo Yongheng was staring at her anxiously and holding onto her hand with so much force that it was as if he wanted to break her fingers.

    Yet, in front of her, the Old Master was staring at her with a displeased look.

    His razor-sharp gaze seemed to convey a message that if she were to disobey his wishes, she would lose her life instantly!

    Her rationale told her that there was no way she could go against the elderly head right now.

    What was most important was to stay alive!

    But, upon meeting Mo Yonghengs dark and deep gaze and noticing his stiff figure, she seemed to have felt his anxiety and fear.

    This was a sense of loneliness she had never seen in him. It was as if he was a solo traveler who had been going around alone for some time, waiting for the destined one who would save him from this life

    Every scene that had played out between them previously flashed in Zheng Yans head.

    Those memories seemed so distant, yet so close to her.

    They had only known each other for a very short time. Yet, he gave her a feeling that they had known each other for many years already.

    She could not bear to leave him alone to deal with this

    Yet, at the same time, she was really afraid

    "Young girl, as long as you say that you dont want Yongheng Ill get someone to take you home immediately!" Mo Chengxians low voice sounded by her ears like an enchanting bait luring her.