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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1543

    Chapter 1543 Everything He Says Is True

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    Zheng Familys neighbor wasnt it the Tan Familys old mansion?

    What did Old Master mean?

    Tan Bengbeng thought of something and when she looked up at Mo Yongheng, something was different in her eyes. Then, she shook her head.

    What was she thinking?

    Even if the Zheng Familys mansion was near the Tan Familys old mansion, they werent the only ones living there. There were other households there too. Maybe it was another neighbor and it had nothing to do with the Tan Family.

    How could there be such a great coincidence?

    She was probably just thinking too much, her brother was no longer alive.

    Tan Bengbengs gaze fell.

    Mo Yongheng gave her a familiar feeling, so familiar that she was hoping for a miracle. She hoped to hear him say that he was her brother

    Maybe she missed her brother too much, thats why she kept imagining Mo Yongheng as her brother.

    Tan Bengbeng sighed and stopped herself from imagining things.

    Compared to Tan Bengbeng, Zheng Yan was completely immersed in Old Masters authority. She did not understand what it meant.

    Her mind was filled with.Old Master is asking me a question, how should I answer. Indeed, Old Master does not like me, he doesnt even call me by name. I am no longer a girl, I am an adult now. I have not even spoken, but I feel like I am suffocating.

    Thanks to Qi Yans warnings, Zheng Yan looked like she was about to faint anytime.

    Finally, she got the main point of the sentence and heard that Mo Yongheng knew her from a young age. She naturally thought that Mo Yongheng had made it up so that the Old Master would agree for them to be together.

    They didnt even know each other when they were young. How were they neighbors? How could they have known each other for many years?

    She had heard about his name for many years, if that was counted as knowing. Then, maybe it was true.

    To her, no matter what Mo Yongheng said, even if it was exaggerating, she would pretend it was true and cooperate with him!

    Thinking of this, Zheng Yan looked at Mo Yongheng with admiration and love.

    Look, he used to be so honest and never lied to the Old Master. Now, for her, he lied.

    How could she not love Mo Yongheng?

    While Zheng Yan was touched, she felt calmer with Mo Yonghengs protection.

    Then, she heard the Old Master say, "Even if you knew her from a young age She cannot be compared with Xinxin!"


    Zheng Yans heart skipped a beat.

    And started sinking inch by inch.

    She knew that the Old Master wouldnt like her, she just didnt expect him to be so direct.

    It was so direct that she didnt know how to reply.

    Compared to her panic, Mo Yongheng seemed to have already expected this situation. He answered calmly, "Zheng Yan and Missy are different types of girls. They are both great and there is no need for comparison. When I was very young, I promised Zheng Yan that I was going to marry her when I grew up. Old Master taught me from young that one has to keep to their promises and be responsible for their actions! I keep these teachings close to my heart and am unwilling to lie to you. Hence, today, I have brought Zheng Yan here and hope that you will give us your blessing!"

    Mo Yonghengs words were said with sincerity.

    He bent down after speaking.

    Zheng Yan followed him quickly.