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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1542

    Chapter 1542 Zheng Familys Neighbor Wastan Family

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    Mo Yongheng looked at Qi Yan and his eyes narrowed. "As for you, if you are not afraid of dying, you can come in too."

    "Do you think I will be afraid of you? I am going in!" Qi Yan put his hands in his pockets and walked up in Mo Yonghengs death glare.

    When he walked past Tan Bengbeng, he held her hand arrogantly and went in with her.

    In the tidy ward.

    The Old Master had just taken his medicine and was leaning against the bed while the nurse was reading the newspaper to him.

    It was Qi Yans orders.

    The Old Master had been unconscious for so long that he had to accept that he had missed a lot and his reactions were now slower. Listening to the news would help him in his recovery.

    Upon seeing them walk in, he glanced across Mo Yongheng and Zheng Yans holding hands and his gaze flickered. He signaled for the nurse to leave him.

    He took off his reading glasses.

    "Old Master!"

    All of them greeted at the same time.

    Although Mo Chengxians condition was unstable, his mental state was better than before. Now, he could get up from the bed unaided.

    He placed the reading glasses on the bedside table and asked other people in the room to go out.

    Soon, only Mo Yongheng, Zheng Yan, Qi Yan, and Tan Bengbeng, who wanted to go out but Qi Yan refused to let go

    "Qi Yan, behave yourself in front of Old Master!" Tan Bengbengs ear turned red. She stepped on his foot and warned him in a low voice.

    Qi Yan did not care. "Everyone knows how I feel about you. Old Master has already gotten used to it, only you are still shy about it. Anyways, Mo Yongheng asked us to come in, you are Nian Xiaomus secret guard. You are not an outsider, I am your man, so naturally, I am not an outsider either. There is no need to avoid me!"


    King of Medicine, where is your shame?

    When you were targeting Mo Yongheng, it didnt look like you guys were on the same side.

    Qi Yan was not bothered about Tan Bengbengs disdainful look. He dragged her to a corner and waited for the show to start.

    Mo Chengxian did not bother about them either. He narrowed his eyes as he watched Mo Yongheng walk up with Zheng Yan.

    "This is Zheng Familys daughter?"

    Mo Chengxian had been recovering well. Although he had not fully recovered, his words could be heard clearly. He just wasnt as fluent.

    Zheng Yan was still worried and hesitated about going up. Upon hearing the Old Master call her, her face turned pale. She moved her lips but no sound came out.

    "I do not eat humans answer me!"

    Mo Chengxian frowned and his voice fell.

    When he saw that Zheng Yan did not reply, he looked at Mo Yongheng. "This is who you like?"

    "Yes. She is called Zheng Yan, she is Zheng Familys missy. We knew each other when we were young and I have liked her for many years." Mo Yongheng gripped Zheng Yans hand tightly and answered.

    "From a young age right. This girl used to be your neighbor." Mo Chengxian recalled.

    Upon hearing this, Tan Bengbeng froze!