The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1541

    Chapter 1541 This Is All I Can Say Good Luck

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    Tan Bengbeng nodded and looked at Mo Yongheng in surprise.

    How was he so sure of what she wanted to convey?

    Tan Bengbeng was not good at communicating and her words tended to be misleading.

    Only one person would never get her wrong, that was her brother

    Mo Yonghengs words hit her.

    She missed her brother.

    The change in Tan Bengbengs eyes made Qi Yan alarmed!

    He didnt know that she was thinking of her brother. He only knew that every time Brother Yongheng met Mo Yongheng, she would act weirdly.

    Furthermore, she refused to marry him. To Qi Yan, it was because of Mo Yongheng!


    Qi Yan walked over to her and hid her behind him. He didnt even let a corner of her clothes show.

    He stared at Mo Yongheng.

    "Are you done staring? Why are you trying to show your rapport with Bengbeng in front of your girlfriend?"

    Mo Yongheng frowned and wanted to say something. Qi Yan walked past him and looked at Zheng Yan.

    "You saw it with your own eyes. In front of you, he is already so flirty. Who knows what he will do behind your back. The earlier you break up with him the better!"


    Zheng Yan was dumbfounded, but she understood what Qi Yan meant.

    She looked down and did not speak. She looked like she was considering his suggestion.

    Now, Mo Yongheng panicked too.

    "Zheng Yan!" Mo Yongheng lifted her head up.

    "Bengbeng is different from you. Dont listen to Qi Yans nonsense, Bengbeng is my"

    "Is the first love that you cannot get or is she an unforgettable memory in your heart? Save it, when men cheat, they can always describe themselves as a sage. Only a fool will believe!" Qi Yan added coldly.


    If murder was not illegal, he would have chopped Qi Yan into pieces already!

    "Qi Yan, stop interfering. There is nothing going on between Young Master Yongheng and me, keep quiet!" Tan Bengbeng couldnt take it and tugged him.

    The moment she opened her mouth, Qi Yan was even more upset as even Tan Bengbeng was siding Mo Yongheng.

    He snorted coldly and gave Zheng Yan a this is all I can say, good luck look.

    It made Zheng Yan uneasy, she tugged Mo Yonghengs shirt and said softly, "Hey, if you really liked Bengbeng in the past, you can just say. Everyone has their past, I will not pick on that I am serious. I used to like Young Master Han and big brother. Who doesnt have some history from when they are young and ignorant? But, the past is the past, you cannot cheat!"


    He had only had her in his heart for so many years. He was so devoted that the media thought that he might be gay.

    Why, in Qi Yans words, did he become a scumbag who went around spoiling others relationships and deceiving others feelings?

    "My relationship with Bengbeng is not what you think it is. Meet Old Master with me!" Mo Yongheng grabbed Zheng Yans wrist and pulled her in.

    At the door of the ward, he stopped and looked at Tan Bengbeng.

    "Bengbeng, you should come in. You know about this too."