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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1540

    Chapter 1540 Fated To Be Together

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    "We are fated to be together. However, for his case, maybe Old Master wont even agree."


    He was thinking really far.

    Really optimistically too!

    Who was fated to be together with him?

    Tan Bengbeng still remembered how she had lost her virginity and how he claimed that he was infertile. Then, she was pregnant.

    And the countless other lies

    Qi Yans words could not be trusted!

    She didnt want to marry him!

    Tan Bengbeng looked at Qi Yan rattle on, she could hardly remember the ruthless and cold "King of Hell".

    If his men were to see this, they may doubt their eyes.

    Tan Bengbeng covered his mouth.

    "Keep quiet. Young Master Yongheng is a good person, he must have something to do if he is here to look for Old Master. Stop creating trouble. If you were to spoil Xiao Mumus plans, I would not let you off!"

    Tan Bengbeng was not a fool. When she saw Mo Yongheng appear with a girl, she could guess what had happened.

    Although, she felt very comfortable around Mo Yongheng and always treated him like her brother. But, they were not really close.

    She was not in a position to ask him directly.

    However, anything that was related to Nian Xiaomu, was an important matter to her.

    If Mo Yongheng wanted to meet the Old Master, she would definitely help.

    "Young Master Yongheng, Old Master is awake and has taken his medicine. If you want to visit him, you can go in now." Tan Bengbeng passed the empty bowl to the bodyguard and wanted to accompany Mo Yongheng in.

    She took a step and someone grabbed her by her arm.

    She turned back and saw that it was Zheng Yan.

    Zheng Yan was lying in Mo Yonghengs arms, but she gripped Tan Bengbeng tightly. She looked nervous as she asked, "Is Old Master in a good mood today? Does he like to smile?"

    There wasnt fear in her eyes, just some worries.

    Although Tan Bengbeng said that she did not want to marry Qi Yan, she still had feelings for him. She could understand what Zheng Yan was worried about.

    She thought about it, then answered, "I do not dare to guess Old Masters mood, but he doesnt like to smile. Only when he sees Xiao Mumu will smile happily, other times, it is hard to see him smile."


    Zheng Yans heart sank.

    It was not a secret that the Old Master doted on his granddaughter dearly.

    How much he doted on his granddaughter, would be how much he hated the person who was about to snatch his granddaughters husband.

    Even if they knew that Nian Xiaomu had Yu Yuehan, even without her, Nian Xiaomu wouldnt be together with Mo Yongheng.

    But, the Old Master didnt know!

    To him, she would be someone who destroyed Mo Yongheng and Nian Xiaomus relationship

    "Mo Yongheng, you heard it. Today is not a suitable day, lets go back!" Zheng Yan dragged Mo Yongheng and wanted to walk back.

    She took two steps and realized that Mo Yongheng had not moved.

    He looked at her and dragged her back.

    "Bengbeng wants to tell you that Old Master does not show his emotions on his face. However, he will not act as Qi Yan said, wanting to kill you the moment he meets you. What are you afraid of?"


    Is that so?

    Zheng Yan turned to look at Tan Bengbeng.