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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1537

    Chapter 1537 Hatred Soaring Endlessly

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    "Get lost!" Mo Yongheng darted a glance at Qi Yan and muttered in annoyance.

    He had more important things to attend to today and had no time to listen to his nonsense.

    "The elderly head is now my patient. I didnt say that hes up for visiting. Even if hes awake now, you cant see him." Qi Yan was bent on making Mo Yongheng upset and taking back his revenge for their previous feud.

    Seeing that Mo Yonghengs face had darkened, the corner of his lips curled into a devilish smile.

    "Why, you want to start a fight with me? Bring it on. Anyway, as long as Im here, no one can go in to see the elderly head!"

    Qi Yan was obviously not joking.

    Given what he was capable of, as well as all the bodyguards around them whom Mo Chengliang had arranged, even Mo Yongheng could not barge in without his permission.

    Since Mo Yongheng was here today to plead understanding from the elderly head, how could he actually stir up trouble?

    If Qi Yan did not allow him in, he really could not do anything about it!

    "Are you intentionally out against me?" Mo Yongheng muttered between clenched teeth.

    He had never shown his expressions on his face. But, upon seeing Qi Yan, he really felt like the temper he had never shown his whole life was being forced out.

    And it so happened that the precious Bengbeng whom he had cherished since young was being wrongly taken away by this jerk!

    The thought of this angered Mo Yongheng even more, he clenched his fists and was just about to land a blow, when from the corner of his eye, he noticed Tan Bengbeng walking over from the corridor carrying a tray of medicine.

    "Young Master Yongheng, Miss Zheng."

    Upon seeing them, Tan Bengbengs usually cold face showed a rare smile.

    She walked forward and greeted them.

    "Are you all here to see the elderly head? He should be awake by now" Tan Bengbeng had yet to finish her words when Qi Yan had already nudged her.

    With a displeased expression, he asked, "Whose side are you on? Did you not see that Mo Yongheng was going to beat me up? And you still smile at him? Bengbeng, my heart has shattered into pieces!"

    His handsome and devilish face flashed a look of grievance.

    There was no sign of the arrogance he had earlier when he was intentionally provoking Mo Yongheng.

    Tan Bengbeng sized him up and replied, "Stop faking it. Young Master Yongheng wouldnt beat someone up for no reason. If he really had beaten you up, it must have been because you deserved it. Dont point fingers at others first!"


    Qi Yan muttered, "The elderly heads condition these last two days has been erratic and hes not in the right state to have visitors. Im considering this for the sake of the elderlys physical health, whats wrong with stopping Mo Yongheng from seeing him? Bengbeng, you actually said such words to me. My heart hurts so much!"

    As Qi Yan spoke, he reached out to place his hand over his chest and started to put on an act.

    Tan Bengbeng did not even bother to look at him and simply looked straight at Mo Yongheng. "The elderly heads condition these two days has indeed been quite erratic, but its no big deal. Ive prepared his medicine and was just about to serve it to him. If you guys want to visit him, you might have to wait for a while."


    Mo Yongheng looked at Tan Bengbeng before him and a warm expression gradually emerged on his face and his gaze turned gentle as well.

    He did not utter a word but simply nodded at Tan Bengbeng.

    Only then did Tan Bengbeng go into the room to serve the medicine.

    Upon hearing Tan Bengbengs words, Zheng Yan reached out from behind Mo Yongheng and grabbed onto the edge of his shirt, muttering in a low voice, "Mo Yongheng, since the elderly head isnt feeling well today, lets leave and come back another day!"

    Hearing this, Mo Yongheng frowned. "Another day?"

    "Yes, another day. Look, the King of Medicine isnt allowing us in, and Bengbeng also said that the elderly head isnt feeling too well. Since so many people are stopping us, it must not be appropriate to visit him now. If we barge in like this, what if the elderly head gets angry and doesnt allow us to be together or forces me to leave you"