The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1536

    Chapter 1536 You Wont Die If You Dont Do Something Stupid

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    Mu the one determined to keep a handsome man: You actually believe in such words? What I speculate is that after saying these words to you, hell probably go to yours to look through pictures of your heartthrob and vandalize them, then prick needles into them every day behind your back!

    Yan I am proud to have a boyfriend:

    My dear sister, youve ended the conversation just like that.

    She did not believe that, she refused to believe that.

    Mo Yonghengs tone earlier sounded very sincere and it was unlike him to do something like that.

    It was definitely because Young Master Han was too domineering and Xiao Mumu wasnt used to such a democratic way of being in a romantic relationship.

    "Who are you talking to, to make you stare at the phone like that?" Mo Yongheng asked abruptly.

    Zheng Yan hurriedly placed the phone down and replied, "No, nothing much. Im done eating, lets go!"

    Zheng Yan took the clothes the assistant had sent over and went to the room to change before taking Mo Yonghengs arm and following him to see the elderly head.

    When they arrived at Mo Chengliangs villa, he was still sleeping. Tan Bengbeng had gone to supervise the brewing of the elderly heads medicine, so Qi Yan was the only one left guarding the door to his room.

    Tan Bengbeng had refused to let him follow her and insisted on him staying to keep watch, he had his eyes narrowed and laid on a rocking chair with a depressed look.

    He had felt someone elses presence the moment Mo Yongheng walked into the courtyard with Zheng Yan in hand.

    From the corner of his eye, upon seeing that the guest was Mo Yongheng, his devilish eyes instantly sparkled!

    Heaven was really quite nice to him. Knowing that he was not in a good mood, He immediately sent someone to him to pass time.

    "The elderly head is resting, so no one is to visit him now. If both of you want to see him, youll have to wait until he wakes up." It was rare for Qi Yan to speak first without waiting for Mo Yongheng to say anything.

    Noticing that Mo Yongheng was holding Zheng Yans hand, his brows were raised slightly.

    "Tsk, tsk. Young Master Yongheng, youre really quite something. You couldnt get Bengbeng, so you changed your target to Nian Xiaomu. Now that you cant marry Nian Xiaomu, youve changed your target again. Youre definitely the real-life version of a jerk!"


    Mo Yongheng frowned and ignored him.

    Hearing that the elderly head was not awake yet, he turned and asked Zheng Yan lovingly, "Are you tired? Ill take you to the guest room to rest first."

    Before Zheng Yan could answer, Qi Yan at one corner spoke, "Its broad daylight, and youre taking someone to sleep now. Are you acting like a hooligan?"


    Mo Yongheng asked, "Do you have nothing better to do?"

    "Its not that. Im just naturally born with a strong sense of justice. I cant stand seeing young and innocent girls being deceived, so Im just trying to carry out a good deed here, " Qi Yan replied.

    "Lame, " Mo Yongheng remarked before darting a cold glance at him and taking Zheng Yans hand and turning to walk away.

    The following second, Qi Yan headed right in front of them and reached out to grab Zheng Yans hand with a very sincere expression.

    "Youre Zheng Yan right? I remember you. Youre Nian Xiaomus friend. Taking into account that youre my fiances best friends friend, Id like to remind you out of goodwill. The person beside you is a fickle-minded person! To put it simply, hes not reliable! If youre lacking a boyfriend, I can recommend someone better for you. But, he really wont do. Look at that harsh look and his cold attitude, whoever gets together with him will be very unlucky!"

    "Qi Yan!" Mo Yonghengs face darkened completely and his heart was surging with emotions.

    If not for the fact that Qi Yan was the elderly heads life savior, he would probably have thrown a death punch at him!

    "Theres no use glaring at me. Bengbeng isnt here, Im not scared of you!" Like a child, Qi Yan pulled a taunting face at Mo Yongheng, his devilish eyes narrowed.

    It was fine as long as he did not mention Tan Bengbeng. Now that he did, Mo Yonghengs temper was rising as well.

    Just as he was about to lay a hand on him, some movement sounded from inside the room.

    The elderly head was awake!