The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1535

    Chapter 1535 The Magnanimous Mo Yongheng

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    Seeing that Mo Yongheng was not replying to her, she thought her words had no impact and pouted her lips as she went on, "Im serious. The person I like the most now is still the Big Brother who lived next door. If he hadnt died, I would have pestered and clung onto him to marry me!"

    A look of disappointment flashed on Zheng Yans face.

    She had originally thought that after saying these words, she would see a jealous expression or dissatisfaction of some sort on Mo Yonghengs face.

    She had already planned on waiting for him to get angry to confirm how much he cared about her. She would then proceed to jump into his arms and smooth his ruffled feathers.

    In the end, she waited and waited but still did not see the scene she had imagined.

    Mo Yonghengs expression did not even change much and he simply watched her gaze flicker slightly. After keeping silent for some time, he finally muttered, "You really like the Big Brother next door so much?"

    "Of course!"

    It was not easy for Zheng Yan to finally hear these words from him so she replied exaggeratedly, "Ive liked him since I was young. Big Brother was especially nice to me. He would touch my head and bring me chocolate. He didnt like to speak, but he spoke really gently to me Anyway, you wouldnt get it. He was basically my dream when I was young. I would even dream of myself wearing a wedding dress and walking into the church with him!"

    As Zheng Yan went on, she seemed to have triggered some emotions and had forgotten that she was intentionally trying to provoke Mo Yongheng. She took a deep breath and muttered, "But, he just suddenly died. When Big Brother died, I cried so much. At that time, I felt that life was pointless and cried when I woke up every day. The moment I opened my eyes, I thought of what Big Brother had told methat he would marry me when he grew up if I was obedient."

    Zheng Yan propped both her hands on her cheeks and sank deep into her memories.

    When she finally returned to her senses, she realized that it didnt seem quite right to think about her childhood heartthrob in front of her boyfriend.

    She then hurriedly explained, "Dont misunderstand. I was still young then and didnt know what real love was. I just liked Big Brother a lot, he was like an idol"

    "Its okay."

    Mo Yongheng muttered slowly, interrupting her explanation.

    His huge hand went through her long hair affectionately until it touched the corner of her eyes.

    "You can continue to like your Big Brother for as long as you want!"


    Was he really this magnanimous?

    She was wrong to have been this narrow-minded. Mo Yongheng was not Young Master Han, and he was not that domineering to stop her from liking this and that.

    Zheng Yans cheeks flushed slightly and she elatedly took her phone to send a text message to Nian Xiaomu.

    Yan I am proud to have a boyfriend: Sorceress Mu, I want to donate a temple to you and offer incense to you every day!]

    Mu the one determined to keep a handsome man:

    Mu the one determined to keep a handsome man: Make me understand what youre saying!

    Yan I am proud to have a boyfriend: [Picture] [Picture]

    Zheng Yan took different angled shots of the bowl of seafood porridge in front of her and chose the two prettiest photos to send to Nian Xiaomu, with the caption: He cooked breakfast for me this morning, hes definitely husband material!

    Mu the one determined to keep a handsome man: He ate you all up and just simply cooked a bowl of porridge for you. Tsk, tsk. Only a fool like you would think you earned it with such a transaction. Touch your own aching back and trembling legs Dont you want to topple over the bowl of porridge in front of you!

    Yan I am proud to have a boyfriend: Hes magnanimous too, he allowed me to continue liking my childhood heartthrob!