The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1532

    Chapter 1532 Im Your Big Brother

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    She was like a little boat floating on the ocean surface and after a long time, finally entering the harbor.

    When Mo Yongheng was finally done, Zheng Yan was so exhausted she had already curled up into a shrimp-like position and was murmuring curses of "jerk" and "liar" at him while snuggled up under the covers.

    She did not even have the energy to lift a finger.

    But, remembering what he had said earlier, she could not help but mutter from time to time, "Youre a liar youre not Big Brother"

    "Mo Yongheng is a jerk"

    "You bullied me I dont want to play with you anymore even if you give me chocolate, I wont play with you"

    Her memories were all jumbled up.

    She could not even distinguish between Mo Yongheng or her Big Brother, or rather, she felt something different.

    Mo Yongheng was hugging her and his slender fingers brushed against her brows.

    He gently planted a kiss on her forehead near her brows and his lips curled up in an affectionate smile.

    It was as if all his coldness had dissipated and even the frequency of his heartbeat was different when he was hugging her.

    He was filled with contentment.

    She was his woman now.

    The little girl who had kept thinking about him since she was young had eventually become someone important to him.

    He had originally thought that she had long forgotten about him and all he could do in this lifetime was probably look at her from afar and protect her.

    But, fate eventually still brought them back together

    "Zheng Yan."

    "Zheng Yan."

    He repeated her name over and over again, like it was never enough.

    The man who was always mature and composed seemed to have turned into a child because of her.

    "Im your Big Brother"


    A slap landed on his face and following that, Zheng Yans annoyed voice sounded, "So noisy, I dont want it anymore I want to sleep"


    Zheng Yan fell into an exceptionally deep sleep.

    She had a dream.

    In the dream, she had listened to Nian Xiaomus words and was completely naked as she went to find Mo Yongheng to seduce him. In the end, she was about to be eaten up by him.

    She panicked and tried to escape, but failed to do so and was captured by him and completely devoured.

    While she was hesitating whether to cry aloud for her lost innocence and to get him to take responsibility, the Mo Yongheng in front of her suddenly turned into the Big Brother that lived in the house beside hers when she was young

    Frightened out of her wits, she almost fell off the bed and cried out loud that she had seen a ghost and actually slept with two heartthrobs at once. Then, she really fell off the bed.


    Zheng Yan landed on the floor together with the covers.

    She moved the covers on her and crawled out of them, letting out a loud groan as her body ached so much.

    When she took a clearer look at the room she was in, she recognized that this was indeed Mo Yonghengs villa. She did not try to get up but instead turned and crept to the bedside.

    Reaching out to pinch her face, she yelped at the pain and turned to check her surroundings again.

    Her face actually hurt, so this meant that she was not dreaming, and she had actually slept with Mo Yongheng!

    Zheng Yans slow senses gradually returned to normal and she hurriedly leaped up from the floor and took the other blanket from the bed. Her body froze as she saw that there were no bed stains at all.

    Was it only her delusion?

    But, she clearly remembered how real it felt and both her legs were still trembling how could it have not happened?

    Mo Yongheng walked in from outside and seeing her holding onto the blanket and kneeling down at the bedside searching for something, he hurriedly rushed to her and asked, "Whats wrong?"

    Zheng Yan did not think that he would suddenly appear, and recalling what it was that she was searching for, she crawled into his arms in embarrassment and did not dare to utter a word.

    Mo Yongheng somewhat understood her and his lips parted slightly as he said, "You were sleeping so soundly. When I helped you bathe, I changed the covers as well."