The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1530

    Chapter 1530 Determined To Get Her Way

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    She said coyly, her voice quivering, "Um, I forgot to bring along a change of clothes. May I borrow your shirt?"


    Mo Yonghengs eyes narrowed as he felt something in his mind snap.

    He didnt even dare to look at her and dare not imagine how alluring she would look when she was wearing his shirt.

    He walked to his closet, took out a mans shirt, and passed it to her.

    Zheng Yan took the shirt from him and shut the door with a loud thump.

    Mo Yongheng stood at the door, stunned. He drew back his hand slowly as he stared at the droplet of water she had left on his hand when her fingertip had grazed against it.

    His unfathomable dark eyes were ablaze, like a beast that had just been awoken.

    In less than a minute, the bathroom door opened again.

    Zheng Yan was already dressed and she walked out of the bathroom.

    Her damp hair was let loose and she stood in front of Mo Yongheng, looking refreshed.

    "Why are you standing so still here? Do you need to use the bathroom?"


    Mo Yongheng lowered his gaze, looked at her, and took a deep breath.

    The devil within him had been aroused and as he stared at Zheng Yan standing in front of him now, wearing only his shirt and nothing underneath, he could feel himself morphing into the devil.

    The white shirt could barely conceal her luscious figure, which was slightly visible through the translucent material, and it was driving him nuts.

    Mo Yongheng started breathing heavily.

    It was as though the entire rooms temperature was surging.

    He narrowed his eyes and turned to leave.

    He took one step and an icy cold hand gripped his arm. "Mo Yongheng, you said you would stay behind to accompany me, I am scared"

    She sounded upset and her voice quivered slightly.

    Seeing him rooted to the spot, she walked over and clutched his arm with both hands. She pressed her body against his and gazed up at his face.

    "Whats wrong? You look flushed, your face, your ears, haha, and even your nose! You look like Santa Claus!"

    He covered Zheng Yans mouth.

    Mo Yongheng looked at her and said throatily, "Stop talking. Its best if you stay away from me!"


    Zheng Yan turned to face him, with a stubborn look in her eyes. "I have already confessed my feelings to you and yet you did not let me know how you feel about me. Now, you keep pushing me away. Mo Yongheng, do you not love me?"

    "" He loved her so much.

    If only she knew what he wanted to do to her, would she still be dependent on him and trust him as she did now?

    She had suffered a shock last night, and he did not want to scare her further.

    Mo Yongheng clenched his fists and wanted to push her away so he could leave. In an instant, Zheng Yan wrapped her arms around his neck, tiptoed, and planted her lips on his.

    It was a clumsy kiss out of spite.

    Zheng Yan was in a daze.

    She had nothing to lose anyway and she recalled what Nian Xiaomu had done before. Determined to get her way, she began to unbutton her shirt

    "Zheng Yan!"

    Mo Yongheng cursed under his breath when he saw what she was doing.

    He wanted to reach out to pull the shirt tight but he lost all senses the moment he touched her.

    He growled and heaved her up horizontally, strode into the room, and towards the bed. He placed her gently onto the bed, his hands grasped her chin and as he clenched his teeth, he said, "I will not stop once I begin, this is your last chance!"


    Zheng Yan was alarmed at his aggressiveness.

    Mo Yongheng did not give her a chance to regret and protest. The moment he was done speaking, he pressed his lips on hers.