The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1528

    Chapter 1528 She Was Shy To Say This

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    Her favorable impression of him was further elevated.

    He was such a good catch!

    Zheng Yan gazed at him for a while longer before she headed up the stairs. She retrieved her cell phone from the bed before sneaking back down to the kitchen.

    She had intended to secretly snap some photographs of Mo Yongheng cooking. She had not expected to see a message from Nian Xiaomu the moment she swiped her cell phone.

    She was so stunned she almost dropped it.

    She was secretly relieved that she had turned the cell phone to silent mode when she fell asleep so Mo Yongheng had not heard anything.

    Mu the one determined to keep a handsome man: How are you? How’re your injuries? Mo Yongheng is such a jerk, he refused to allow me to visit you, he wants to keep things under wraps.

    Yan I am proud to have a boyfriend: I’m fine As for how I’m feeling now just take a look at my nickname. It needs no further explanation.

    Mu the one determined to keep a handsome man:

    Mu the one determined to keep a handsome man: Someone’s so proud to be in a relationship huh. I heard you didn’t go home after you were discharged from the hospital. Mo Yongheng can’t bear to let you out of his sight? You guys just got together, are you already intending to get married so quickly?

    Yan I am proud to have a boyfriend: I wish! To tell you the truth, I was the one who confessed my feelings to him. He did not reject me but neither did he reciprocate he dotes on me though ahhh anyway I have set my mind on him. I have to strike while the iron is hot and cling on to him tightly. I will wait for an opportunity to pounce on him and let him take responsibility for our dalliance! I feel shy saying this he’s preparing a meal for me in the kitchen now while I am thinking about how to prey on him!

    Mu the one determined to keep a handsome man:

    Mu the one determined to keep a handsome man: I can’t tell you’re shy though I can sense your lust!

    Yan I am proud to have a boyfriend: It’s just too bad that he can hold his liquor better than me, I can’t prey on him by trying to make him drunk. What can I do? Poor me ~

    Mu the one determined to keep a handsome man: Don’t think too much about it. Take a shower later and just strip in front of him and let him know your desire to sleep with him. I am sure Mo Yongheng will jump into bed with you immediately!

    Yan I am proud to have a boyfriend:

    Were older women so aggressive nowadays?

    Mo Yongheng had such a sullen personality that he had no reaction whatsoever to her confession. He had even rejected her invitation for him to sleep in the same bed as her. If she were to really strip naked in front of him and confess her desire to sleep with him, it was possible that he would stuff her into a gunny sack and dump her in the garbage.

    The thought was terrifying!

    She was trembling in fear.

    Zheng Yan crept to the kitchen entrance, gazing at the man who was busy in the kitchen, her heart fluttering.

    It was said that men who were serious at work were the most attractive. Now, she felt that men who cooked were drop-dead gorgeous!

    Oh my, her heart was throbbing almost frantically.

    She might have an illness and a dalliance with Mo Yongheng was the only cure.

    “You’re awake?” Mo Yongheng said, his gaze turned to the figure standing at the door, as he carried the last dish.

    He stepped forward and handed her the plate.

    “Take this outside, wash your hands and we are ready to eat.”


    Zheng Yan kept silent. She placed the dish on the table and washed her hands.

    Mo Yongheng had prepared a total of three dishes and soup for just the two of them.

    It was a simple but tasty meal.

    As Zheng Yan ate, she stole glances at the elegant man in front of her, who was eating at a leisurely pace. The more she looked, the more good-looking he was to her. She blurted all of a sudden.

    “Mo Yongheng, let’s have some drinks, we won’t stop till we are drunk!

    Being drunk would help boost her courage.

    Even if she couldn’t make Mo Yongheng drunk, she could make herself drunk. That would give her the perfect excuse to force herself on him!