The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1526

    Chapter 1526 Cohabitation?

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    Zheng Yan was muttering in her sleep.

    Mo Yongheng tightened his arms around her. “It’s me. I’m here, sleep well.”

    Zheng Yan sniffed contentedly and fell asleep on his chest.

    Mo Yongheng was left to hug her in torment as he could not do anything.

    Mo Yongheng did not allow news of Zheng Yan’s incident to spread and he did not alert anyone from the Zheng Family.

    In City N, everyone knew how much Zheng Mohong doted on his daughter. For someone to take action and know Zheng Yan’s whereabouts so clearly, the greatest suspects were her step-mother and brother.

    “Don’t tell my dad, I don’t want him to worry.” Zheng Yan told Mo Yongheng worriedly.

    Her dad mattered the most to her.

    “If you go home like this, there is no way your dad won’t notice that something has happened.” Mo Yongheng glanced at the gauze on her head.

    Not only on her head, but there were also scratches on her arms and legs.

    Zheng Yan thought about it. “Then, I shall not go home. I can tell my dad that I will be leaving City N for two days and secretly stay with you.”

    Then, Zheng Yan paused and she looked at him uncertainly. “Are you willing to let me stay over for two days?”


    “Mo Yongheng, I am so pitiful now and have no home to go to. You wouldn’t leave me stranded right? I am very easy to take care of. I eat very little and am obedient, I wouldn’t disturb you. If you like peace, I could sit beside you and not speak for the whole day.”

    Zheng Yan hugged the clothes that Mo Yongheng had put out for her and looked at him pitifully.

    She was like a child waiting to be adopted.

    How could he reject her?

    The moment the thought of her moving into his mansion entered his mind, his ears turned red.

    He opened his mouth to remind her of a few things. However, he looked at her innocent eyes and felt that he was thinking too much. He hesitated for a while and in the end, he just said, “The doctor said that you are fine. I will go and get you discharged.”

    Mo Yongheng was very quick with the discharge procedures.

    When he returned to the ward, Zheng Yan had already changed out of the hospital gown and was sitting on the sofa, looking at the door in anticipation.

    When she saw him, she stood up immediately.

    “I am done with the packing. There is nothing much to take, I can go home with you now.”

    Go home.

    Mo Yongheng’s eyes moved, he swallowed his saliva and was unable to say a word. He held her hand and walked out of the hospital.

    There was no one else in his mansion.

    Only the cleaning aunty would come every few days to clean up.

    The mansion looked empty.

    Zheng Yan came in and lay on the sofa. “I shall sleep here, the sofa is soft and the place is huge.”

    “Go to the room and sleep.”

    Mo Yongheng frowned in disagreement.

    She was still a patient, how could she sleep on the sofa?

    “But, no one has stayed in the guest room before. I saw it the last time I came, it looked eerie. I am too scared.” Zheng Yan took a pillow and hugged it.

    Looks like yesterday’s incident really scared her.

    Mo Yongheng carried her up from the sofa and walked up the stairs. He walked straight to his room and placed her on the bed.

    “You sleep here.”