The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1525

    Chapter 1525 A Favor Could Be Returned This Way?

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    “I promise that I will not do anything. I will only hug you and sleep.” Zheng Yan raised her hand and promised when she saw that he had not moved.

    It was like instantly, she had become an obedient bunny.


    Wasn’t all this supposed to be said by him instead?

    Now that she had said everything, what was he going to say?

    Except for agreeing, he seemed to have nothing else left to say.

    “Are you sure you want me to stay with you to sleep?” Mo Yongheng placed his phone on the table and raised an eyebrow.

    Warning filled his eyes.

    It was like telling her, she was only going to hug him to sleep, but he could not promise that he wouldn’t do anything.

    She had just been in a car accident, the doctor said there was a slight concussion and she had to be hospitalized for a day, just in case.

    And the scratches on her.

    There were many scratches on her delicate skin from the struggling. There were also some cuts from the grass. Although it was not serious, it was still painful to see.

    Thinking back to the scene when he found her, Mo Yongheng was still afraid.

    He didn’t dare to imagine what would have happened if he had got there any later, or if he had searched in the wrong direction

    What would have happened?

    He had beaten the four of them up and had ordered his men to track the mastermind behind this. But, his fear did not recede.

    Before Zheng Yan answered his question, Mo Yongheng had already lain down beside her and hugged her tightly.

    “Zheng Yan, tomorrow when you are discharged, come with me to meet the Old Master.”

    “” Zheng Yan looked at him in fright and her eyes were filled with shock.

    She had already confessed, what did he want her to clarify with the Old Master.

    “You will have to meet him. My parents are no longer around and the Old Master is like my grandpa. He wants to meet you.” Mo Yongheng’s finger slid down her eyes and stopped on her lips.

    He lowered his head and kissed her.

    Zheng Yan puffed her cheeks, crossed her arms around his neck, and kissed back.

    Mo Yongheng was stunned and stared at her.

    His eyes were glistening.

    Does she know what she is doing?

    “I didn’t do anything. You kissed me first, I am just returning the favor.” Zheng Yan blinked innocently.


    A favor could be returned this way?

    He looked at her cunning face and his breathing became irregular. He hugged her tighter and pressed her against his chest.

    His voice became hoarse. “The doctor said that you have to avoid strenuous exercise and stay under observation for a night.”

    “I am fine!” Zheng Yan rebutted.

    Then, she seemed to realize what he meant and blushed. “I mean, I mean.”

    “Don’t speak anymore. If you explain further, you may not be able to sleep.” Mo Yongheng pressed his hand against her lips and smiled.

    He gave a long sigh.

    “Sleep, while I can still control myself. Hurry sleep.”


    How could she fall asleep when he said that?

    But, she didn’t dare tell him that.

    She closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

    After the car accident and the shock, Zheng Yan snuggled against him insecurely. She hugged him tightly. She thought she wouldn’t be able to sleep, however, she fell asleep the moment she closed her eyes.

    “Mo Yongheng Big brother”