The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1523

    Chapter 1523 Mo Yongheng I Miss You

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    “What do you want to do Don’t touch me”

    “I can give you a lot of money I have a lot of money. As long as you let me go, I will pay you double the amount!”

    Zheng Yan was held on the floor and could not move.

    She clenched her teeth to stop herself from crying. She tried to calm down and tempted them with money.

    “Since you knew my whereabouts, you obviously know my identity. I can promise you that I will pay triple the amount you are being paid now! As long as you let me go, not only will I pay triple, I also promise not to call the police. You can take the money and leave!”

    Zheng Yan saw that they stopped and knew that there was hope. She continued to give them better conditions.

    Her arms were crossed tightly around her chest.

    The bright moonlight fell on her fair skin and it made her already stunning features stand out more.

    Her pitiful look made her look even more enticing

    The men looked at each other.

    There were rules and they couldn’t just go back on their words.

    They had never seen anyone as beautiful as this in their lifetime.

    Her pretty face and fair complexion if they could sleep with her, their lives would be worth it!

    Who would let go of such a good opportunity?

    “Hold her down, I will go first!” The leader ordered and he started to unbuckle his belt. He went over to Zheng Yan and started to pull her clothes off roughly.

    “You can scream. Except for us, there is no one else here. The more you scream, the more excited I will get!”

    “Don’t please, don’t”

    Zheng Yan’s clothes were lifted up and the chill made her nauseous.

    And despair.

    Tears rolled down her face.

    She bit her lips and did not want to cry.

    Mo Yongheng’s face flashed across her mind.

    “Mo Yongheng where are you”

    I miss you.

    I didn’t have the chance to tell you, I like you.

    In her state of delirium, she saw him again.

    Not his adult self, but when he was young. In a courtyard, holding a thick book memorizing.

    She would hang over the wall and look at him.

    When he was tired of reading, he would look up and she would call him sweetly. “Big brother.”

    Big brother

    You said that you were going to marry me. You lied to me.

    Mo Yongheng lied to me too.

    He said he was going to be responsible for me. But, he got angry and left, he didn’t even pick up my calls.


    The memories brought about great grief and it overwhelmed Zheng Yan.

    She angrily pushed away from the person on her, and kicked him hard.


    That guy rolled on the floor in pain.

    The sudden change stunned everyone.

    Zheng Yan took this time to take off her other shoe and started to run barefoot.

    “What are you guys doing! Chase her! How dare she kick me, I will kill her!”

    The others came back to their senses and rushed up.

    Zheng Yan had knocked her head and she was still groggy. She was running forward instinctively.

    Seeing that the people behind her were catching up, she drowned in despair. Then, she tripped and fell onto the grass.