The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1522

    Chapter 1522 She Woke Up

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    She went out half an hour ago.

    She came to find him.

    But, she had an accident.

    Mo Yongheng stood in front of the car and inspected the scene.

    He realized that in front of Zheng Yan’s car, tracks had been left behind by another car

    This was not an accident, she was not saved by someone. She was in trouble!

    After making this judgment, Mo Yongheng’s heart pounded.

    Who took her?

    What was their motive?

    Countless possibilities flooded his mind, he could not remain calm.

    The last call he received, was it her call for help?

    Or was it the call before that

    Why didn’t he answer her call the first time?

    If he had answered the call earlier, maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

    Worry, guilt, and fear All these emotions filled his mind.

    He clenched his fist and saw the bloodstains on the ground. They were glaring under the street lamps.

    He forced himself to calm down and informed Nian Xiaomu to call the police. Then, he stood on the spot and closed his eyes.

    He was trying to think.

    If this was not an accident and someone wanted to deal with Zheng Yan, after forcing her to stop her car, they would definitely put her in another car.

    His mansion was close by. If they knew that Zheng Yan was going to look for him, they wouldn’t take her in that direction

    Then, it would be the opposite direction!

    Mo Yongheng opened his eyes and returned to his car quickly.

    He started the engine and stepped on the accelerator.

    The car shot out like a bullet.

    It was late and the area had very little traffic. It was easy to spot any suspicious vehicle.

    Mo Yongheng drove forward and finally found a van parked up in front.

    He stopped and saw that it showed signs of a collision. His pupils shrank.

    He walked to the door of the van and realized that there was no one in it!

    Where was she?

    What did they want from her?

    Mo Yongheng looked around in the dark countryside and a bad feeling hit him.

    Especially when he picked up a high heel belonging to Zheng Yan on the grass patch nearby. He ran forward like crazy!

    He was afraid that he would be too late

    Zheng Yan was groggy and realized that someone was kidnapping her. When she tried to resist, she had been knocked unconscious.

    When she woke, she realized that they were trying to drag her out of the van and onto the ground

    “Who are you what do you want”

    The moment Zheng Yan spoke, the people dragging her stopped and looked back at her.

    With the dim lights, she realized that there were four people in front of her. All of them were wearing masks and she could not see their faces.

    Only their eyes were exposed. They stared at her in greed and lust.

    “You woke up quickly. Well, now we can have more fun, hahaha!” One of them laughed.

    “Don’t worry little beauty. If you are obedient, we won’t let you suffer too much. After we are done, we will take you back. Don’t worry, we only want money, we won’t take your life.”

    Seeing that Zheng Yan was awake, a few of them could no longer wait.

    Since it was all dark and there was no one around. They stopped, threw Zheng Yan on the ground, and started to strip her clothes off!