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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1521

    Chapter 1521 Your Love Is Coming

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    In the private villa.

    Mo Yongheng got out of the cold shower, he was still feeling frustrated.

    He walked to his phone and saw several missed calls.

    When he saw they were all from Zheng Yan, his eyes narrowed.

    He confirmed that it wasnt his imagination, and his eyes gleamed with happiness. He was about to call her back when her call came in again.

    "Its me."

    Mo Yongheng picked up immediately and when he was about to say something again. The call was hung up.

    He wanted to call again, but Zheng Yans phone had been turned off.

    From the panting he heard before the phone call was hung up it sounded like a man.

    Why did a guy have Zheng Yans phone?

    Mo Yonghengs face fell. Since he could not get through to Zheng Yan on her phone, he wanted to call Zheng Familys mansion to ask if she was at home. Then, he saw a message pop up on his phone.

    It was from Nian Xiaomu.

    Your love is coming. Treasure her!

    What did she mean?

    Nian Xiaomu knew his thoughts and knew that he liked Zheng Yan. If it was someone else, she wouldnt say something like that.

    Did she know where Zheng Yan was?

    Mo Yongheng dialed her immediately and asked, "Are you with Zheng Yan?"

    "No, didnt she come and find you? She texted me and said that she was going to look for a guy. Dont tell me that she didnt look for you?" Nian Xiaomu was shocked.

    Not only Mo Yongheng, but Nian Xiaomu was also restless.

    She told Mo Yongheng that she was going to find a guy, but Zheng Yan had told her that she was going to get her guy.

    If the person was not Mo Yongheng, then would that mean that Mo Yongheng no longer had a chance

    Wasnt she rubbing salt in Mo Yonghengs wounds by telling him?

    As Nian Xiaomu was hesitating, wondering if she should hang up, act dead, or comfort Mo Yongheng, Mo Yongheng spoke.

    "She did call me many times, however, I didnt manage to pick up. I picked up the last one, but I didnt hear her voice and it hung up."

    As Mo Yongheng spoke, his voice fell.

    "I suspect that something happened to her!"

    It was an instinct.

    An instinct that could not be explained.

    Like how when they were young and he was in the yard, he would know immediately when she appeared on the wall.

    He could not explain why, but he could feel it.

    It was the same now. Just from the pant that did not sound like her, he could feel that there was someone else beside her.

    Now that her phone was turned off

    Mo Yonghengs face changed and he told Nian Xiaomu to call the Zheng Family to ask for the details. He grabbed his car keys and rushed out of the mansion.

    He drove along the path which Zheng Yan would take if she were to find him. Soon, not far from his mansion, he saw Zheng Yans car crashed into the railings.

    Mo Yongheng stopped his car and ran up. He realized that her car door was opened and there was no one inside

    On the floor, near the car door, there were dragging traces.

    Nian Xiaomus call came in.

    "I have asked, Zheng Yan went out half an hour ago!"