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    Chapter 1519 I Have An Idea

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    Ling Liweis face changed. "Your dad has been with the Old Master since he was young. From what I understand, he is sure to agree to return to the Mo Family."

    As long as Zheng Mohong nods, Zheng Mohong will be able to enter the Mo Corporation to intern.

    That means that there is a 90% chance that the Zheng Familys heir will be Zheng Yan!

    Zheng Hao grabbed Ling Liweis hand and spoke hurriedly.

    "Mom, you have to help me think of a solution. Help me persuade my dad not to return to the Mo Family or change the conditions to let me go into the Mo corporation to intern instead. That way I will have a chance!"

    Before this, he had listened to Ling Liweis orders and gone around speaking ill of Zheng Yan, finding trouble with her, and embarrassing her. They were not on good terms now.

    If Zheng Yan really were to inherit the Zheng Familys assets. There would be no room for them to survive.

    They could not allow that!

    "Useless! Returning to the Mo Family is not just because of sentiments, it is also a guarantee for the Zheng Corporation. You dad is so intelligent, how would he not be able to tell the good intentions of the Old Master. As for changing a person"

    Ling Liweis eyes narrowed and a vicious glint flashed past her eyes.

    Zheng Mohong treated Zheng Yan really well. To him, both son and daughter were biological, he wouldnt agree to change someone, unless

    "Let Zheng Yan give it up herself."

    "Zheng Yan give it up? How is that possible! The moment she heard that she could enter the Mo Corporation for the internship, her eyes were glowing. Why would she give up on such a great chance!" Zheng Hao sat up from the sofa.

    Asking him to believe that Zheng Yan would give it up herself was like asking him to pray that opportunities would drop from the sky.

    "I am not finished with what I have to say, why are you so agitated?"

    Ling Liwei sneered and placed her red wine down. "Of course Zheng Yan wouldnt let go of such a great chance. However, if we were to create some sort of accident that would make her unable to go"


    "If she is unable to go, then you are the only child left in the Zheng Family. By then, even if your dad thinks that you are not mature enough, he will have to let you try. As long as you enter the Mo Corporation, to everyone, you will be the Mo Corporations heir. Zheng Yan would have no chance of fighting against you!"

    The more Ling Liwei thought about it, the more it made sense.

    If it was just entering the Mo Corporation for an internship, it was nothing much. The key was learning from Mo Yongheng personally.

    Zheng Hao had seen both of them interact before this. Mo Yongheng had even beat him up because of Zheng Yan.

    Today, Mo Yongheng had come to visit with many gifts.

    When would the Mo Familys Young Master Yongheng ever do such a thing?

    According to her speculations, the Mo Family agreeing to let Zheng Yan into the corporation to intern had something to do with Mo Yongheng!

    Who was Mo Yongheng?

    His status and identity were only second to Old Master and Old Masters heir.

    With Zheng Yans looks, if she were to get together with Mo Yongheng, then Zheng Hao would really have no chance.

    She could not let such a thing happen.

    "Mom, you mean"

    Ling Liwei did not speak immediately. She gestured for Zheng Hao to come over and whispered.

    Zheng Haos face changed when he heard her.

    He shook his head as he took a few steps back.

    "No, no, no. This is too serious, if dad were to find out, he would kill us!"

    "You useless thing. Didnt you always want to teach Zheng Yan a lesson?"