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    Chapter 1518 Heard It Personally Cannot Be Wrong

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    "You useless thing, you only know how to vent your anger in the room. If you really have such a temper, why dont you go and strangle Zheng Yan? If she dies, no one will compete with you for inheritance!"

    Ling Liwei said in anger.

    Hearing that, Zheng Hao placed the photo frame back on the bedside table and answered dully.

    "She is my sister."

    "Sister? Save it. Her mom is already lying in a coffin and you were born by me. How are you considered siblings? Save your nonsense about her being your sister, you have to be clear that as long as she is alive, the entire Zheng Familys corporation will have nothing to do with you. You know that your dad is biased, I am his second wife after all. If it wasnt that I told him I love children and was willing to raise Zheng Yan like my own, your dad wouldnt have even married me! There wouldnt even be you!"

    Ling Liwei snorted.

    The moment she remembered that she could not replace a dead persons position in his heart, and even her son was inferior to the dead persons daughter, she was frustrated!

    She had seen many patriarchal families. At first, when she gave birth to a son, she thought that her future was bright.

    However, Zheng Hao had grown up, and Zheng Mohong still did not let him take over the company. Instead, he handed all the major projects to Zheng Yan.

    There were no signs of him letting his son take over the corporation.

    In his heart, there was only his daughter!

    Zheng Yan.

    She looked exactly like her mom.

    Her mom died so many years ago and still had the title of Madam Zheng, now Zheng Yan was here to fight for the inheritance with her son.

    Both of them were terrible!

    Only her dumb son would believe that Zheng Yan really treated him like her brother. He had liked to be by Zheng Yans side since he was young and even now he still helped her!

    "You are just dumb! Look at how smart Zheng Yan is. In front of your dad she acts like a loving sister. In front of others, she will also give in to you. However, once there is no one around, she will deal with you. When you were still wandering around, she got to know people from the Mo Family and now she is about to enter Mo Corporation for an internship!"

    When Ling Liwei heard the news, she was no longer in the mood to play.

    She rushed back to think of countermeasures.

    Who knew that the moment she entered, she would hear such things from Zheng Hao. She was frustrated.

    She walked up, pinched him by the ear, and scolded him.

    "Listen carefully, I only gave birth to you and you do not have any siblings. Zheng Yan is nice to you just because she wants to act obediently in front of your dad. If you still want the Zheng Familys inheritance, then listen to me. I am your mother!"

    "Mom, can you speak without pinching my ear. I am already grown up!" Zheng Hao covered his ear and avoided Ling Liwei.

    Teenage boys always wanted some face.

    After being scolded by Ling Liwei, he had his temper too.

    "I dont want this sister, I was just saying. If she were to fight me for the inheritance, I would not go easy on her!"

    "That is more like it."

    Ling Liwei dusted her hands, sat down on the sofa, and asked Zheng Hao to pour her red wine.

    She held the wine and asked, "You heard the news yourself?"

    "Yeap. The person who came to pass the news was Young Master Yongheng. Now in the Mo Family, except for Old Master, he has the highest influence. Everyone knows that Young Master Yongheng is Old Masters most trusted person. His words wouldnt be fake. As long as dad agrees, Zheng Yan will go to the Mo Corporation to intern immediately."