The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1517

    Chapter 1517 The Choice He Gave Her

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    She opened her mouth and wanted to answer his question, however she didnt know what to say.

    Her reaction to Mo Yongheng was rejection.

    Just as he guessed, she liked Fan Yu. Thats why no matter how hard he tried to be responsible, she didnt want it.

    Hearing that he wanted to make the rumors true, she turned pale.

    What was he to her?

    A dead big brother that would never appear again?

    Her "heartthrob", "someone she will never forget" were just excuses to reject him.

    He was right in front of her, how could she not feel anything?

    Mo Yongheng let go of her, walked to the bedside, and picked up his shirt.

    He buttoned it up slowly and was about to leave.

    When Zheng Yan saw that he was about to leave, she called out, "Mo Yongheng"

    After she called, she realized that she didnt know what to say.

    She couldnt tell if she liked him or not. How was she going to answer his questions?

    Zheng Yan swallowed her words and looked at him. She felt that if she didnt say anything, he would storm off.

    She bit her lip and spoke.

    "If you need me to act with you in front of the Old Master, I can cooperate with you"

    "There is no need to." Mo Yongheng stopped her mid-sentence.

    He walked to the door and when he opened it, he halted and looked back at her.

    "Is Fan Yu really that great to you?"

    "Fan Yu?" Zheng Yan was stunned and nodded. "He is great, he is a gentleman and caring."

    But, why did he suddenly mention Fan Yu?

    Zheng Yan was still processing the thought of whether she secretly liked Mo Yongheng. Hearing his words, she was even more confused.

    Mo Yongheng asked, "Have you ever thought about what you would do if the big brother that you liked did not die and reappeared in front of you? Who would you choose?"


    Mo Yongheng left.

    Leaving behind a dumbfounded Zheng Yan.

    She gripped onto her shirt and did not understand what Mo Yongheng meant.

    If big brother did not die

    And reappeared in front of her

    Who would she choose?

    Of course, she would rush up and ask him to fulfill his promise to marry her!

    No, no, she had fallen for Mo Yongheng now.

    Big brother.

    Mo Yongheng.

    A childhood heartthrob versus someone who she has just fallen for and is still unsure.

    It is a bit difficult, she would have to think about it.

    Wait, how does Mo Yongheng know that big brother is not dead?

    Zheng Familys mansion.

    In another room.

    Zheng Hao watched Zheng Mohong leave and went back to his room in frustration. He started to smash everything in his room.

    Ling Liwei received news and rushed back. The moment she entered, she heard the smashing sounds and quickly ran upstairs.

    The moment she pushed open the door, a vase came flying at her.

    It crashed on the wall beside her.


    She screamed in horror as she hid at the side.

    Then, the room fell silent.

    Zheng Hao was holding onto a family portrait that he was going to throw and shouted in shock, "Mom."

    "You know that I am your mother? Do you want to scare me to death or do you want to kill me?"