The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1516

    Chapter 1516 Make Rumors Come True

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    Now that she realized he was here to settle the scores with her, she thought that she had already explained so much and promised that she would clear up the misunderstandings. He shouldnt be as angry anymore.

    However, he did not speak.

    Instead, she felt uneasy as they were too close together in this ambiguous position.

    Suddenly, the room felt stuffy.

    It felt like a burning oven.

    "Zheng Yan, I dont need you to prove my innocence. Nian Xiaomu does not love me, she would not be happy if we were to get together. I am not here today to take revenge on you."

    Mo Yongheng finally spoke and it confused Zheng Yan completely.

    If he wasnt here to take revenge, then what was he doing now?

    Playing with her, like how a cat plays with a mouse?

    He was obviously taking revenge!

    "Old Master knows my character, he will not believe that I cheated just from a few photographs." Mo Yongheng explained explicitly.

    Now, it was Zheng Yan who didnt know what to say.

    She stared at him in shock and blinked.

    So, he was here today because he thought that there wasnt evidence and wanted her to help?

    Then, he was leaning on her because

    "Make what happened in the photographs come true." Mo Yongheng explained.


    The moment Mo Yongheng finished his sentence, he lowered his head and kissed Zheng Yan.

    The dominating kiss and the heat from his body were clear indicators that he was not joking.

    Zheng Yan had no chance to react, and she was lost in the kiss.

    She snapped back to her senses when she felt a chill at her chest.

    "Hold, hold on. It is your issue, whats it got to do with me? I dont want to get involved anymore" Zheng Yan pushed Mo Yongheng away vigorously and rushed to pick up her clothes to put on.

    She was so shocked that she couldnt put her own clothes on properly.

    She was completely lost.

    She was drunk yesterday, if something had really happened, it would have been understandable.

    However, she was not drunk today. How would it make sense if she were to sleep with Mo Yongheng just to help a friend?

    "You said that you didnt hate me."

    Mo Yongheng stood up and grabbed the hand that was buttoning her shirt.

    He dragged her in front of him.

    Zheng Yan was caught off guard and crashed into his chest.

    "I dont hate you, but not hating does not mean that I am willing willing to do these kinds of things with you! These kinds of things have to be done with someone you like or it is being irresponsible!"

    Suddenly, Zheng Yan pitied his future girlfriend.

    It would probably be very tiring to have such a slow boyfriend.

    Mo Yongheng did not realize what she was thinking. He grabbed her shoulders and asked, "You dont like me?"


    Zheng Yan was stumped by this question.

    She had never thought of this question. From last night till now, she had heard that Mo Yongheng wanted to be responsible for her. She had always been conflicted over the issue that Mo Yongheng did not like her if he did not like her, then they could not get together just because of one accident.

    She had never thought about if she liked Mo Yongheng.

    If Mo Yongheng liked her, then would she be willing to accept him being responsible?

    She seemed to be willing

    This answer made Zheng Yan stunned.

    When she looked up at Mo Yongheng again, her face turned pale.