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    Chapter 1515 An Honest Person Turned Into A Devil

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    Mo Yongheng did not do anything except place his lips on hers. It was like a punishment where he was simply brushing his lips on hers.

    Such an attempt at arousing her made a completely inexperienced Zheng Yan unable to resist it at all.

    Every strand of hair on her head pricked up and she curled her toes together out of fear. As she was about to push him away, his strength made her unable to move at all, and other than staring at him with her pair of huge eyes, there was nothing she could do.

    "Mo Yongheng, this is my house. If I were to scream right now, someone would come upstairs immediately!"

    "Then, scream. Scream louder. Your father is just downstairs." Mo Yongheng supported his body slightly and his slender fingers pointed at her lips lightly. Zheng Yan did not know if she was hallucinating, or if she was seeing him smile.

    It was not a usual smile, but one that made one feel like he was a complete stranger.

    Seeing it on Mo Yonghengs face, it was almost akin to seeing a ghost.

    Such a righteous person, who was as rigid and old-fashioned as a governess, actually knew how to show such a smile.

    Zheng Yan not only felt goosebumps all over her body but could not help but start to tremble as well.

    She muttered while shaking,

    "Mo Yongheng, Im not kidding. If you still dont let go of me, Im going to call someone!"

    "Umm, just do that. When you call everyone up and they see us lying on the same bed with our clothes disheveled, what do you think the outcome will be?" Mo Yongheng replied while looking at her widened eyes and intentionally planted a kiss on the corner of her eye.

    It was as if he was getting back at her for trying to set him up last night and he was trying to take advantage of her.

    Zheng Yan felt as if she would pass out from the second consecutive kiss he gave her.

    Yet, she still managed to keep her calm.

    If her father were to see her and Mo Yongheng hugging and sleeping on the same bed, he would definitely beat him up.

    But, when he came back to his senses and realized that this person was Mo Yongheng, the Zheng Familys benefactor, he would not beat Mo Yongheng up to death. Instead, he would definitely make Mo Yongheng take responsibility for her

    "Youve thought it through?"

    Mo Yongheng held onto her chin to make her raise her head.

    "Are you still going to scream? Otherwise, lets continue."


    Continue with what?

    What else was he up to?

    Whether she screamed or not, it was a dead-end for her.

    Zheng Yan stared at Mo Yongheng before her who seemed like a complete stranger, and was feeling exceptionally regretful in her heart.

    She had originally thought that she had bullied an honest person, and even if he realized at a later date, he would not really strangle her to death.

    Who would have expected that the honest person had turned into a devil and come to find her, immediately landing her in a situation where she had no way out.

    What was there to choose!

    "Mo Yongheng, calm down. We can discuss anything properly! Why not, Ill go and meet the elderly head with you right now and help you clarify what happened last night. Ill tell the elderly head that nothing happened between us, were innocent!"

    "Innocent?" Mo Yongheng slowly repeated this word after her.

    "Yes, yes, yes! We are innocent. Nothing happened between us at all. Otherwise, we can go to the hospital to get a test done and the elderly head would have no room for doubt at all!"

    Zheng Yan was so flustered by him that she was talking at a rapid speed.

    Her brain was turning swiftly. All she wanted to do was soothe Mo Yongheng before he did anything to her out of rage.

    In Zheng Yans heart, there was no way Mo Yongheng wanted to take responsibility for her.

    He was obviously doing these things out of spite.

    It was to get back at her for setting him up last night and taking those pictures, then getting Nian Xiaomu to use them to make a complaint to the elderly head and humiliating him in the process.