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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1514

    Chapter 1514 Like A Whole New Person

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    She then ran all the way from the dining area back to her room.

    Once in her room, she leaped onto her bed and pulled out her phone to send a text message to Nian Xiaomu.

    Yan the invincible vixen: I need to change my nickname to Yan the invincibly unlucky or Yan the invincibly pitifulXiao Mumu, Ive sacrificed too much for you, you need to take responsibility!

    Mu the one determined to keep a handsome man: ???

    Poor little Yan: Mo Yongheng came to my house. He started off talking to my Dad about life, then work. And now, he seems to be asking to marry me I couldnt listen, so I ran away.

    Mu the one determined to keep a handsome man: Coward! What is there to run away from? From how I see it, Mo Yongheng and you are quite compatible. Since you guys have already slept together, you might as well sleep a few more times with him and give birth to a son for him. Your son might even be able to chase Xiao Liuliu, and we can be in-laws!

    Poor little Yan:

    Poor little Yan: Speaking of this makes me even sadder. I was completely naked in Mo Yonghengs arms, and I actually returned completely untouched. A man who doesnt like a beautiful woman definitely has some problems!

    Mu the one determined to keep a handsome man: What, what, what?! Mo Yongheng actually remained calm and didnt do anything at all? Wow, his image in my heart has now surpassed that of Yu Yuehans and is now at number one!

    Poor little Yan: Screenshot taken and sent to Young Master Han.

    Mu the one determined to keep a handsome man: This mobile number has been hacked and the messages you are receiving are part of a scam. Please do not believe them.

    Poor little Yan:

    Not only had she failed to get consolation but had she been mercilessly made fun of by her good friend.

    Zheng Yan dug her head into her pillow with even greater desperation.

    Eventually, Nian Xiaomu seemed to have felt her hopelessness and sent a serious text message to her.

    Mu the one determined to keep a handsome man: If you dont like Mo Yongheng asking for your hand in marriage, you can reject it. Why are you so afraid?


    Zheng Yan was in a daze after seeing the text message on her phone screen and could not concentrate for a while.

    Even when she heard a few knocks on her door, she thought that she was hearing things.

    Recovering back her senses, she threw her phone aside and ran to the door.

    She had thought that the butler had helped her with the presents her father had bought for her and was about to conveniently ask him if Mo Yongheng had left. Who would have expected that when the door opened, the person she saw before her was not the butler, but Mo Yongheng?

    Zheng Yan came back to her senses and instinctively tried to close the door.

    However, Mo Yongheng swiftly blocked the door from closing and forcefully opened it before clutching onto her waist and moving her forward. He then closed the door shut with a kick.

    In a smooth movement, he turned and pressed her against the door.

    Then, he clung on tightly to her slender waist with both his hands.

    Lowering his head, his dark eyes stared faintly at her.

    The two had their noses almost brushing against each others, and his warm breath collided with hers.

    For some strange reason, Zheng Yan sensed anger from him.

    "You hate me?" Mo Yongheng asked lightly.

    His nonchalant tone did not emit any emotion at all.

    "I dont," Zheng Yan answered honestly.

    She was just about to get him to let go of her when he bent down and put her on his shoulders. He turned to head towards the bed, where he placed her down.

    Zheng Yan did not feel any pain from being thrown onto the bed, but her whole head felt slightly dizzy.

    She was just about to sit upright but Mo Yongheng held her by her wrists and threw her back onto the bed before placing both his arms at either side of her body. He muttered slowly, "Dont you feel that this scene is very familiar? When you were drunk yesterday, you slept like that in my arms as well."


    Mo Yongheng stared at her dazed face and suddenly lowered his head to kiss her lips gently. "Its alright if you have forgotten. Lets continue what we didnt finish last night."