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    Chapter 1513 Shes The Only One For Me

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    Once Mo Yongheng had spoken, not only Zheng Mohong and his son were stunned, even Zheng Yan who had already known that this would happen was stunned as well.

    In the plan they had discussed, they did not mention letting her enter the Mo Corporation as one of the conditions.

    Anyone would know that the entry requirement for a job at the Mo Corporation was very high. When the elderly head was the President, every single departmental head had extremely outstanding capabilities!

    Zheng Yans achievements at the Zheng Corporation were indeed quite outstanding. But, compared to the job scope of managing a whole department at the Mo Corporation, it was still not enough.

    More importantly, the fact that Mr. Mo had specially picked her to intern at the company meant that to him, the successor of the Zheng Corporation would more likely be Zheng Yan!

    This was why Zheng Yan was so astonished.

    Turning to look at Zheng Hao, she noticed that his face had indeed changed and he was glaring in a sinister manner at her.

    "Is this what the elderly head personally instructed?"

    Zheng Mohong, on the other hand, did not have room to consider his childrens emotions. Upon hearing Mo Yonghengs words, his eyes reddened.

    Everyone said that their family were ingrates, but how many people actually knew how hard it had been for them?

    Three years ago, the Mo Family had disintegrated.

    Nobody could meet the elderly head and could only listen to the words of the imposter acting as Mo Qian, facing management changes accordingly.

    Such changes almost destroyed the whole of the Zheng Corporation.

    Which was why he had no choice but to break free from the Mo Corporation.

    "Dad, we are fine now. You are already the companys President, why do we have to return to the Mo Corporation and listen to others instructions?" Zheng Hao grabbed hold of Zheng Mohongs hand and mumbled cautiously.

    It was common sense that having a strong backing to rely on was a good thing. But, now, this backing wasnt for him, but for Zheng Yan to rely on!

    If Zheng Yan were really to enter the Mo Corporation, the control of the whole Zheng Family would definitely be in her hands in the future.

    Zheng Hao would rather they not return to the Mo Corporation, than watch as Zheng Yan snatched away his position as the successor!

    "Dont spout nonsense! Everything the Zheng Family has today is owing to the elderly heads help! One mustnt be an ingrate and forget our roots!" Zheng Mohong lashed out at him in a low voice.

    Zheng Hao wanted to add on something else but in front of Mo Yongheng, he did not dare to speak so boldly and could only suppress himself for now.

    Mo Yongheng was not in a rush either.

    "President Zheng, the elderly head is still recovering, so you can take your time to consider this matter. I have another matter which I need to seek your permission about today."

    "What other instructions does the elderly head have?" Zheng Mohong looked earnestly at Mo Yongheng as he asked.

    "This has nothing to do with any instruction from the elderly head. Its a personal request from me."

    Mo Yongheng muttered and turned to look at Zheng Yan.

    Zheng Yan was still basking in the shock from hearing that the elderly head had allowed her to enter the Mo Corporation as an intern when she suddenly realized that everyone had turned to look at her. She stared blankly and blinked her eyes, reaching out to feel her own face.

    Did she have a grain of rice on her face?

    Zheng Mohong was perplexed as he asked Mo Yongheng, "Young Master Yongheng is our Zheng Familys benefactor, as long as Im here, you dont have to stand on ceremony!"

    "Can I ask for anything?" Mo Yongheng muttered lightly, his gaze fixed intently on Zheng Yan.

    1Everyone else could feel a strong sense of danger, including Zheng Yan herself.

    It was as if a hungry wolf was nearby and was about to open its huge mouth to devour her!

    "Dad, Im done eating, Ill return to my room now!"

    Zheng Yan removed the table napkin and turned to run away as she hadnt the courage to listen to what Mo Yongheng was about to say.