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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1512

    Chapter 1512 I Want To See You Everyday

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    "Mo Yongheng"

    Zheng Yans grip on the edge of his shirt became more forceful and the expression of panic on her face escalated. She felt worse than when her father had almost discovered that they had slept together for a night just now.

    Mo Yongheng grabbed the back of her soft hand and gently held onto it.

    Feeling the coldness of her hand, he could not help but knit up his brows unpleasantly and tighten his grip on her hand.

    He then remarked slowly, "Nothing much. I ran into Zheng Hao the other day and he had just picked up some skilled moves and wanted to practice them on me. Since I had nothing on, I helped him practice for a while but wasnt able to stop in time and accidentally beat him up a few times. Right, Zheng Hao?"

    "Yes, yes, yes!" Zheng Hao went along with the storyline he had laid out for him and licked his lip nervously as he muttered, "Dad, Im fine. I merely got a few punches. Its an honor for Young Master Yongheng to be willing to give me guidance!"

    "Thats true. Your skills are too weak and Young Master Yongheng is indeed a great opponent. Im afraid itll be hard to find someone who has skills comparable to his in the Mo Family. If you could learn a trick or two from him, Dad will be able to rest assured."

    Zheng Mohong completely believed every word Mo Yongheng had said and raised his wine glass to continue drinking.

    After a while, he thought of the important matter at hand and asked, "Young Master Yongheng, you havent told me. What did you mean when you said just now that you want the Zheng Family and Mo Family to be one family forever?"



    Two loud noises suddenly erupted at the same time.

    Zheng Yan had knocked over her wine glass and Zheng Hao had accidentally kicked the corner of the table.

    The expression on the two siblings faces looked awful.

    Zheng Hao even hugged his legs and was in a neither standing nor sitting position. Breaking out in a sweat from the pain, he did not forget to ask, "Forever a family? What does that mean?"

    Zheng Hao did not forget how he had suffered in the hands of Mo Yongheng that day.

    He originally thought that since the Zheng Family had already broken free from the Zheng Family, Mo Yongheng would probably hate anyone from the Zheng Family. However, that day, he had merely scolded Zheng Yan a bit and suffered a beating from Mo Yongheng as a result.

    Every single blow was a real punch!

    If he could not run away fast enough, he would probably have been beaten to death by him.

    Men knew other men the best. With a face like Zheng Yans, very few men would not feel attracted to her. Zheng Hao had initially thought that Mo Yongheng probably felt that Zheng Yan was pretty and wanted to have some fun with her.

    But, he never expected to see him here paying a visit to the Zheng Family.

    When he went past the living room earlier, those gifts on the coffee table had probably been brought by him as well.

    Not only was he being generous, but he was now talking about the two families becoming one.

    Zheng Hao could already guess what Mo Yongheng was about to say!

    "Its like this"

    "Young Master Yongheng!"

    "Young Master Yongheng!"

    The moment Mo Yongheng started speaking, two voices started to interrupt his words.

    It seemed that Zheng Yan and Zheng Hao did not expect each other to make a sound, and the two glared at each other and quietened down instantly.

    On the other hand, Zheng Mohong seemed confused by the siblings reaction.

    "What is with both of you today? You guys are being weird. Young Master Yongheng has something to say. No one is to interrupt. Listen quietly!"


    Zheng Yan removed her hand from his grasp and clung on tightly to the new wine glass the butler had just brought for her.

    In her heart, she thought to herself that if Mo Yongheng dared to spout nonsense, she would hit him with the glass and make him pass out.

    The next second, he started to speak.

    "Im representing the elderly head here today to convince President Zheng to let the Zheng Corporation return to the Mo Corporation. As long as you agree, the elderly head would make an exception and allow Zheng Yan to enter the Mo Corporation as a department manager to learn from me."