The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1510

    Chapter 1510 Playing Along

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    All this happened because he had suddenly come to her house and started babbling nonsense.

    If she were to die, she would drag him along!

    "Hsttt!" Mo Yongheng took a deep breath as he was kicked.

    He turned to look at Zheng Yan who was threatening him at the side. Before he could speak, Zheng Mohong had knocked her forehead.

    "How many times must I say that Young Master Yongheng is our benefactor. You have to be nice to him, why are you glaring at him?"


    Dad, you have changed. Last time, you would never speak up for others in front of me. You used to only help me.

    "I seemed to hear you say something like, sleep for a night?" When Zheng Mohong did not get a response from Zheng Yan, he frowned and tried to recall.

    Hearing that, Zheng Yans face changed.

    When she saw the butler come out from the washroom, she reminded Zheng Mohong quickly. "Daddy, the butler has fixed the toilet. Hurry up and go to the washroom. I will explain when you are back!"

    Zheng Mohong was in a rush to go to the washroom and turned to go.

    Zheng Yan quickly grabbed Mo Yongheng by his elbow. As she was afraid that her dad may come back anytime, she did not dare to press Mo Yongheng onto the table again.

    Who knew that when she grabbed Mo Yongheng, he would lie down onto the table cooperatively.

    "What do you want to say? I am listening."


    "Mo Yongheng, what are you doing?"

    "Playing along."


    Who wants him to play along?

    He was so cooperative that she forgot what she wanted to say.

    She stared at him blankly.

    Until she heard footsteps outside the dining room.

    Zheng Yan let go quickly and Mo Yongheng tidied up his clothes slowly as he sat back in his seat.

    The person who came in was not Zheng Mohong, but Zheng Hao.

    There was pride and arrogance on his youthful face.

    His shirt was not buttoned fully and when paired with jeans and canvas shoes, the simple outfit made him look clean and handsome.

    When he saw Zheng Yan, Zheng Haos smile disappeared.

    According to his habits, when he saw Zheng Yan, he would always sneer at her.

    However, today, before he could speak, he saw Mo Yongheng beside Zheng Yan.

    He remembered being beaten up by Mo Yongheng and he immediately was wary.

    "Haohao, you came back at just the right time. Why are you standing there in a daze? Greet our guest! That is Young Master Yongheng, isnt he your idol!" Zheng Mohong spoke up when he came out of the washroom and saw Zheng Hao.

    "Dad, why didnt you mention that you were coming back. I could have picked you up at the airport." Zheng Hao was always very obedient and filial in front of Zheng Mohong.

    He was young, hardworking and responsible.

    Although his abilities were not as good as Zheng Yans, Zheng Mohong had let him intern in the company, for him to learn as he worked.

    Every time he spoke of his two children, Zheng Mohong would always be filled with pride.

    "The fortunate thing is that, although they have different mums, they get along as well as if they were from the same mum. They never let me worry!"

    Zheng Yan heard her dad saying that to their relatives at a company convention.

    After that, no matter what Zheng Hao did, she wouldnt have a conflict in front of her dad.

    Zheng Hao was mindful of his image in front of Zheng Mohong too and he never went overboard.