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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1506

    Chapter 1506 Aying Respects To Father In Law

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    Zheng Mohong was stunned and taken aback in surprise.

    Looking at Mo Yongheng in front of him, his expressionless face and his unparalleled magnanimity it was something that couldnt be faked easily.

    Just now

    "Dad, he is really Mo Yongheng. This period of time, when you werent in the country, many things have happened. Mo Kun has been caught, the Old master is awake and now the President of Mo Corporation is Mo Familys Missy, Mo Xin Anyways, the person in front of you is definitely Mo Yongheng, not a fake!"

    Upon seeing her dad ask the bodyguard to leave, Zheng Yan heaved a sigh of relief.

    Listening to Zheng Yan, Zheng Mohong looked at Mo Yongheng and his glance changed.

    "You are really Young Master Yongheng?"


    Mo Yongheng did not elaborate further, he took out his seal and passed it to Zheng Mohong.

    Every descendant of the Mo Family had their own seal.

    Although Mo Yongheng was not a direct descendant of the Mo family, he was brought up by the Old Master and had always held a position in the Mo Family.

    Therefore, he had his own seal.

    Only the guardian families would recognize these seals.

    Zheng Mohong took a look at it and his face changed.

    "It is actually real"

    "I told you he was real, you didnt believe me." Zheng Yan mumbled at the side and put her slippers on properly.


    Zheng Mohong was an elder, he was a bit embarrassed after this.

    Mo Yongheng had always been rather quiet and was not the kind to give someone a way out. He just stood in front of Zheng Mohong quietly.

    In the end, Zheng Mohong couldnt take it anymore and apologized.

    "Dont mind me Young Master Yongheng, it is just that you suddenly visited with so many presents, I couldnt get used to it My words about you not greeting people and about you being a liar were all fake!"


    "I will remember to greet you next time," Mo Yongheng replied.

    "No, no, no. I didnt mean that, I just"

    Upon seeing that Zheng Mohong was stuck, Zheng Yan spoke quickly.

    "Dad, theres no need to explain. Mo Yongheng is not that calculating, furthermore, you are his senior. What you said was right, he is expressionless all the time."

    "How many times must I tell you to address him by Young Master Yongheng, not his name!"

    "Okay." Zheng Yan pouted and turned to Mo Yongheng. "Young Master!"



    Zheng Mohong heaved a sigh of relief.

    Then, he suddenly thought of something else.

    "Young Master Yongheng, what did you say just now? Did you come to promise that the Zheng Family and the Mo Family will always be one family? What do you mean!"

    Zheng Yan had almost forgotten about it.

    She had been busy proving Mo Yonghengs identity and had forgotten what he had said.

    Now that her dad asked, she came back to her senses.

    He said that the Zheng Family and Mo Family was going to be one family.

    Zheng Yan looked at the gifts on the table.

    Other than the expensive herbs, they were all health care products they were all appropriate gifts for the elders, or for a father-in-law!