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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1505

    Chapter 1505 Nobody Is To Touch Him

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    "Yes, President Zheng, Ill call the cops immediately!"

    The butler hurriedly turned to rush out and prepared to usher in the bodyguards.

    The whole scene instantly lapsed into a solemn atmosphere.

    "Dad" Zheng Yan finally snapped back to her senses from the shock of seeing Mo Yongheng and upon realizing that her father was getting his men to capture Mo Yongheng, she instantly yelled out.

    She anxiously tried to rush out from behind her fathers figure but Zheng Mohong instantly pulled her behind him again the following second.

    "Yanyan, dont be afraid. Dad is around. Such evildoers have no chance of deceiving me! I must teach him a lesson today and let him know that he can impose as anyone but if he imposes as someone from the Mo Family, hes simply courting death!"

    Zheng Yan grabbed onto his arm and explained, "No, Dad, listen to me. He isnt an imposter, hes really Mo Yongheng"

    "Silly girl. Dont think that just because he looks like Young Master Yongheng, Ill believe his words. How many times have you seen Young Master Yongheng? When have you seen him taking the initiative to speak to me? Back when our company broke free from the Mo Corporation wasnt counted. That time, Young Master Yongheng did speak up for us indeed. Just because of this reason, this imposter is making me furious!"

    As Zheng Mohong finished speaking, he immediately started to instruct the bodyguards who were entering from outside.

    "Quick, quick. Cut all that crap with him and quickly restrain him and give him a good beating. After that, make him explain himself clearly!"

    "Dad!" Upon hearing Zheng Mohong instruct the bodyguards to beat up Mo Yongheng, Zheng Yan couldnt care anymore and jumped out from behind her fathers figure. Ignoring her slipper which had fallen off her foot, she simply rushed to Mo Yongheng and blocked herself in front of him, reaching her hands out to shield him.

    Like a mother hen protecting her little chick, she threatened the bodyguards,

    "Nobody is to touch him, or else Ill fight whoever does!"

    "Yanyan!" Zheng Mohong frowned and looked at his precious daughter in disapproval.

    Mo Yongheng went into a daze as well.

    He stared straight at Zheng Yan before him who was shielding him.

    Since he was young, Mo Yongheng was extremely clear of the responsibilities he carried on his shoulders.

    He was also used to keeping his emotions inside his heart.

    It had always been him protecting others. His family, his sister, the elderly head

    This was the first time someone stood out to protect him.

    Mo Yonghengs gaze turned complex and he stared into her eyes, a gentle warmth emitting from his eyes.

    His little girl had grown up and could protect her Big Brother already.

    "Mo Yongheng, why are you still in a daze? Other than this face of yours, dont you have anything to prove your identity? If you still dont speak, my Dad is really going to get his men to beat you up!"

    Zheng Yan yelled in exasperation.

    Hearing her voice, Mo Yongheng finally came back to his senses slightly.

    He did not explain himself eagerly but continued to stare at her.

    "Werent you unwilling to see me earlier, why are you helping me now?"

    Zheng Yan was so anxious that she was almost hopping mad. "Are you mad? Why are you asking me such a question right now? Its quite unfortunate, but I have to tell you that like my Dad, Im beginning to think that you are an imposter as well. Do you want to get a beating now and let the bodyguards in my house give you a wake-up call?"


    Mo Yongheng really did not expect that bringing all these gifts to pay a visit would stir up such a huge misunderstanding.

    Meeting Zheng Mohongs vigilant gaze, he went past Zheng Yan and stood before her.

    "President Zheng, do you still remember when the Zheng Corporation broke free from the Mo Corporation three years ago, I once told you that the Zheng Family and Mo Family will always be one family?"


    "Im paying a visit to you today to fulfill this promise."