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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1504

    Chapter 1504 Ill Give You One Minute

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    Zheng Mohong was abruptly stunned for a moment.

    With his eyes fixed on the boxes of tonics on the table, which he knew without checking were extremely expensive and nutritional health products, he suddenly turned to look at Mo Yongheng in a perplexed manner.

    Mo Yonghengs status in the Mo Family and his capability in the business field was something Zheng Mohong was definitely clear about

    He naturally knew that this child who had been personally raised by the old President Mo had a high status in the Mo Family as well.

    Mo Yongheng had always been cold to others and putting aside friendly gestures, he might not even give one any attention even if they tried to please him.

    This person with such a prestigious status and cold nature had suddenly brought so many top-grade gifts to pay a visit to them. This this was definitely unfathomable by Zheng Mohong and he was even slightly terrified!

    For a moment, he stared at the gifts, not knowing if he should just ask Mo Yongheng what the meaning was?

    However, Mo Yongheng obviously did not know how scarily he was behaving and went forward to help Zheng Mohong sit down on the sofa.

    "President Zheng, theres no need to stand on ceremony. Im younger anyway and should have paid a visit long ago. I hope you dont mind me coming over so abruptly."


    Zheng Mohong was absolutely dumbfounded.

    He simply stared at Mo Yongheng before him for almost half a minute.

    Then, he reached out to slam the coffee table forcefully and hollered in a deep voice, "Youre not Young Master Yongheng. Where did this fake imitation come from? You actually dare to pose as Young Master Yongheng and come to the Zheng Family to deceive us? Do you believe that Ill call the cops now to arrest you?!"


    Mo Yongheng, Zheng Yan and the butler were shocked.

    Zheng Mohong had been around in the business industry for more than a few decades. He definitely possessed an imposing manner.

    This villa was his territory as well, and the way he pulled a long face was still quite domineering and suffocating.

    Ignoring the others who wore different expressions on their faces, he sized Mo Yongheng up

    and narrowed his eyes as he commented, "You look quite like him though. Its a human-skin mask youve got on your face right? Let me tell you, your aura and disposition is completely incomparable to Young Master Yonghengs! Putting aside everything else, let me tell you how I realized youre a fake. What kind of person do you think Young Master Yongheng is? When he sees me usually, he rarely even greets me, much less gives me gifts. Even if he greets me, its because I greeted him first. Who do you think you are? You think that just by putting on a face mask, you can come out to deceive others?!"


    "Ill give you one minute. Take off that fake mask of yours and tell me clearly who sent you here, and with what motive. If you dont explain things clearly, butler, call the cops and drag this person away! When you reach the police station, Ill see if you actually dare to keep your mouth shut!"

    After slamming the coffee table, Zheng Mohongs face turned completely stern and had changed from his earlier gentle expression.

    He even pulled Zheng Yan behind him to protect her, and seeing that Mo Yongheng wasnt speaking, he darted a glance to the butler to gesture him to call the bodyguards.

    "President Zheng, this"

    The butler was stunned and remained rooted to the spot. He turned to look at Zheng Mohong, then turned back to look at Mo Yongheng.

    The butler had seen Mo Yongheng three times just in one day, and no matter how he looked at him, Mo Yongheng seemed somewhat different from the last two times he had come over.

    The first two times Mo Yongheng was here, his temper had not been this good and after realizing that Zheng Yan was not at home, his eyes seemed almost murderous.

    This person before them now seemed as though he had a good temper, which seemed rather fishy.

    And he had even brought gifts

    They had never heard of Mo Yongheng doing such things before.

    When the butler was carrying the gifts inside earlier, he had already felt that something was amiss.

    Now that President Mo had said that this Mo Yongheng was a fake, it finally occurred to him.