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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1502

    Chapter 1502 He Can Be Gentle And Considerate As Well

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    Nian Xiaomu remarked in frustration as she had expected more from him.

    Judging by his attitude, she would even get a knife to slice through his brain if she appeared before Mo Yongheng now, just to see what on earth was inside the head of this block of wood!

    It was at such a crucial point already, and he was still having so many worries! If he liked her, he should just charge forward!

    Was he actually expecting the woman to take the initiative to climb into his arms? This was really driving her crazy.

    Upon hearing her words, Mo Yongheng gradually started to react.

    Zheng Yan did not like him, but he could make her like him.

    And the fastest method to make her like him would be to appear in front of her all the time

    The Mo Family and Zheng Family had close ties and he even had a mission instructed by the elderly head to contact the guardian families which had broken free from the Mo Family to get them to return.

    Now that Zheng Yans father was back, be it for work or private matters, he should personally go there to pay a visit!

    "Lets not talk now, Im busy with something." A flash of light flickered in Mo Yonghengs eyes as he muttered lightly.

    "Busy with what?" Nian Xiaomu was at a loss for words.

    "Taking your advice and paying a visit to the Zheng Family."

    Once Mo Yongheng finished speaking, he did not leave Nian Xiaomu any chance to react and simply ended the call before swiftly informing his assistant to prepare some gifts and to meet him at the main gate of the Zheng Family villa.

    He then turned and got into his car, driving speedily towards the Zheng Family.


    The luxurious sports car pulled over at the Zheng Family villas main gate.

    Another car was already parked at the main gate.

    Recognizing Mo Yonghengs car, his assistant hurriedly pushed open the car door and approached him with a whole box of tonics.

    "Young Master Yongheng, Ive prepared the things you instructed me to. What are we doing now?" The assistant asked rather perplexedly.

    The Zheng Family was the Mo Familys guardian family. Even though the elderly head was seriously ill and the Zheng Corporation had broken free from the Mo Corporation due to dissatisfaction with Mo Kuns leadership, they were ultimately still the Mo Familys guardian family.

    Mo Yongheng was the Mo Familys young master and was raised singlehandedly by the elderly head. Given the prestige of his status, it should be President Zheng coming out personally to welcome him if he were to pay a visit.

    Why were they the ones bringing gifts today?

    Moreover, these gifts were all tonics and imported massage chairs things that the elderly generation liked.

    Someone who didnt know anything would think that Young Master Yongheng was not here to talk business but to ask for a hand in marriage.

    Such a thought flashed past the assistants head, alarming him greatly.

    "Ill show a good attitude by taking the initiative to pay a visit. Ill just tell President Zheng that I came to know that he had returned and specially came to visit him." Mo Yonghengs chin raised slightly as he turned in the direction of the Zheng Family villas entrance.

    "But, Young Master, given your status"

    The assistant was about to persuade him when he suddenly thought of how he had helped Mo Yongheng trail Zheng Yan for the past few days and lowering his head to look at the things he was carrying, a realization suddenly came to him.

    He faithfully shut his mouth and knocked on the door of the Zheng Family villa.

    When the guard went in to inform them, the assistant walked back to Mo Yonghengs side.

    "Young Master, didnt you chase after Miss Zheng Yan earlier? Why were you left behind?"


    "Young Master, you dont have to answer me. I was just asking casually. Actually, its understandable. Miss Zheng Yan is so pretty and capable, she definitely likes a considerate and gentle man. Young Master, you dont even know how to coax girls. Its normal that Miss Zheng Yan doesnt like you."

    The assistant had not even finished speaking when he felt a chilly sensation behind his back.