The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1500

    Chapter 1500 I Always Remembered You I Never Dared To Forget

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    When he raised his head again to look at the heavy rain outside, for some reason, his heart started beating erratically.

    His rationale told him that given such heavy rain, her family would definitely not let her get out of the house.

    But, he still put down his book and headed outside to the courtyard like he was possessed, disregarding his familys objections.

    When he raised his head again, that little sweeties head was hung at the edge of the wall as usual and she had already been completely drenched. It was as if his heart had been struck by something and he stood rooted at the same spot, unable to move for a while.

    In his eyes, there was only her little face which had turned pale from being drenched and her reddened eyes.

    And the second he saw her, the smile that lit up on her face

    It was so innocent and adorable.

    "Young Master, the rain is too heavy outside. Youre all wet. If you dont go in, the others will be alarmed!" The butler anxiously came out with an umbrella and reminded him.

    Yet, as if he had gone mad, he simply went past the butler and rushed into the rain and all the way to the wall.

    He then took out the chocolate in his pocket and passed it to her.

    "Theres no training when it rains, so dont come out into the rain. Youll get a cold, okay?"

    She took the chocolate from him and her watery eyes blinked for a while before a huge teardrop rolled down her cheeks.

    "Im afraid that if Big Brother doesnt see me, youll forget about me."

    "No, I wont. Ill always remember you, no matter whether I can see you or not. Ill always remember you. When I grow up, Ill marry you!"

    Back then, he seemed to have spoken these words without any hesitation at all.

    Those words which she probably could not have understood and which to others would have sounded like a childs joke.

    However, she smiled.

    That bright and sweet smile looked like the satisfaction one had from eating chocolate.

    She nodded elatedly and finally agreed to climb down from the wall.

    When he had turned back again, the butler who had chased after him with an umbrella and who had overheard his words was so astonished that his jaw had widened and was about to drop at any time.

    For a long time, the butler faced him with his mouth widened like that without saying a word.

    Without making any explanation to anyone, he silently returned to his room and changed out of his wet clothes before he went to get his punishment.

    The pain inflicted on him when his grandfather used the long ruler to hit him was excruciating, but he did not regret it.

    The only thing in his mind was that little head that had been drenched completely.

    If he had not run out into the rain today, he did not know how long she would have hung on the wall.

    It was also from that day onwards that he knew clearly what he wanted

    He wanted to see her appear before him and call him Big Brother with all smiles.

    Those eyes that curved when she smiled as he passed her chocolate.

    And that head that hung on the wall watching him train while stubbornly refusing to climb down, no matter how tired and sleepy she was

    He wanted her.

    "Zheng Yan, my name isnt Mo Yongheng. I have another name." Mo Yongheng snapped back to his senses from recollecting these memories and grabbed onto Zheng Yans shoulders with both arms. But, just as he was about to open his mouth, her phone rang.

    The sudden chime of her ringtone interrupted the twos conversation.

    Zheng Yan took a glance at her phone and upon realizing that it was her father, her face turned pale.

    She raised her phone to show Mo Yongheng and asked him, "Why did my father suddenly call me? Did you tell him something? Why did you have to involve the elders regarding something between our generation? Ive misjudged you!"

    "I didnt."

    Mo Yongheng frowned.

    Hearing his words, Zheng Yans tightened up nerves relaxed slightly.

    "Then, Ill go and answer the call now. Dont make a noise, otherwise my father might misunderstand that were together you should understand."


    After Zheng Yan ended the call, she excitedly patted his shoulder.

    "My father came back earlier. He said that he misses me and wants me back home quickly. Ill go back now. Ill treat you to a meal another day to make it up to you."