The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1499

    Chapter 1499 Pray And Make Offerings For You Every Day

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    Although she looked obedient, her slanted eyes were wary. It was obvious that she was simply playing along with him. No matter what he said, she would not believe him.

    Mo Yongheng choked on his words.

    He gazed at her, confused. He yearned to tell her that he was her big brother, at the same time, he was afraid that she might give him a tight slap and tell him off for being shameless.

    This was something she was perfectly capable of doing.

    She was completely smitten and in love with this big brother and would definitely not allow anyone to insult him.

    He should be glad that she was head over heels in love with him.

    But at this moment, he was at a loss.

    He had no idea how to convince her that whatever he was going to tell her today, was not him trying to get back at her.

    "Zheng Yan, lets pay a visit to the elderly head." Mo Yongheng pulled her towards the car and opened the door.

    She would understand everything once she saw the elderly head. She would know that he was not kidding.

    Mo Yongheng had analyzed the situation well but he had forgotten something.

    He had just walked into Zheng Yans trap and she had passed his incriminating photos to Nian Xiaomu for her to expose him in front of Mr. Mo, the elderly head.

    Now, Mo Yongheng was going to take her to visit the elderly head. It appeared to her that Mo Yongheng was about to confront her in front of the elderly man, how could she go with him?

    She was already terrified of Mo Yongheng in the first place, as the Zheng Family were meant to be guardians of the Mo Family.

    She was only making empty threats because she was desperate.

    If they were to stand before the elderly Mr. Mo now, it would only take a glance from him to make her drop to her knees in fear and confess everything

    This would mean getting Nian Xiaomu into trouble!

    So Zheng Yan refused to budge and get into the car.

    "Mo Yongheng, Young Master Yongheng, Mr. Mo, how about if I apologize to you? Or I could return the video and photographs to you, I could even be your slave for an entire month? Youre such a magnanimous man, please give me a chance. If the elderly head learns about this, my father will surely hear of it too. If he knows that I set a trap on purpose to sleep with a man, he will definitely give me a good beating. Think of it as doing a good deed, please spare me, Ill be sure to remember your kindness for life. Ill pray and make offerings for you every day pray to the gods to let you live to a ripe old age!"


    "Im not trying to get back at you, I just wanted to clarify something with you," Mo Yongheng said.

    Zheng Yan was so exasperated she wanted to leap into the air. "No no no, you dont have to explain anything. I dont want to know, I just want to go home"

    As she uttered the last two words, Zheng Yans eyes were brimming with tears.

    She glanced at Mo Yongheng pitifully and turned to look at her luggage lying on the ground.

    She looked as though she would definitely burst into tears if Mo Yongheng were to insist on her getting into the car.


    Mo Yongheng felt a stab of pain in his chest when he saw her tears and he could not say another word.

    The childhood memories of them flashed across his mind.

    It was a dark and gloomy day.

    According to the schedule he had given her, he would be training in the garden in the afternoon.

    Unfortunately, his training was canceled as it started raining cats and dogs in the afternoon. He sat by himself in the room reading a book.

    As he read, a petite face appeared in front of him, smiling and waving happily at him as she propped her head on top of the wall.

    Her beautiful slanted eyes were crystal clear like an engraved painting, etched deeply in his heart.