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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1498

    Chapter 1498 Not Seen Anyone Elses But Yours

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    "Dont waste your time and effort on someone like me, who already has a Prince Charming, its pointless! Besides, you dont even like me. Why do you have to take responsibility just because youve seen my body? What if some woman who likes you, intentionally strips in front of you in the future? Wont you have to answer to her then? Youre not being responsible, youre just plain silly!"

    Zheng Yan got so carried away she almost wanted to sit him down in front of her so she could give him a lesson on dating 101.

    She spoke with such fervor that one would have thought that she had a lot of experience in this area.

    Mo Yongheng listened in silence and did not refute her.

    When she was done, he uttered faintly, "Ive not seen anyones body but yours."


    Was this even the point she was trying to make? She didnt think so.

    Well well well, do all handsome men have such bizarre minds?

    "Mo Yongheng, youre missing the point, its not who youve seen before. The thing is, you dont even like me, so why are you taking responsibility? I am not an easy woman"

    "Ive never said I dont like you." Mo Yongheng blurted. Zheng Yan was astounded by his sudden confession and she choked on her words.

    Her eyes widened as she stared at the man in front of her as if she had just seen a ghost.

    What did he just say?

    He he said he liked her?

    This cant be she must have imagined it.

    It was impossible that Mo Yongheng liked her. He must be intentionally trying to get back at her for what she did last night. She had filmed and taken photographs of him and now he was saying all this on purpose to embarrass her.

    She would be a fool if she fell for it!

    "Excuse me Mo Yongheng, are you sick in the head? Is this something you should be taking lightly? Arent you afraid that I may take your word for it and cling on to you? Let me tell you, if I am in love with someone, I will definitely hang on to him till the very end. You wont be able to get rid of me, does this scare you?"

    Zheng Yan sat back in the seat as she snapped at him.

    Her snarling face made her look like a little angry fox.

    Mo Yongheng broke into a smile.

    The rare smile lingered on the corner of his lips.

    His lips curled slightly. Although he did not laugh out loud like others, his tender gaze was brimming with affection and it seemed like one could drown in his pool of affection.

    He met her blank stare and his thin lips moved slightly. "Im not afraid."


    This was crazy.

    Mo Yongheng must have been too traumatized by her and was going insane.

    She could not allow herself to be as crazy as him.

    Zheng Yan snapped back to her senses, her face ashen. She scrambled to open the car door and quickly dashed out.

    Mo Yongheng was just as quick to react. She had just reached the car trunk to reach for her luggage when his tall figure loomed beside her.

    He gripped her shoulders and uttered softly

    "Zheng Yan, Im not kidding. I have something important to tell you, its about my identity."

    He spoke softly as if he was afraid of scaring her.

    Nonetheless, it was still enough to give her a shock.

    She flung his hand away and lifted her luggage without looking at him.

    "Stop it, I know you must hate me now, youre just trying to get back at me. Fine, I cant be bothered, as long as this makes you happy. If theres nothing else, Im going home!"

    As she spoke, Zheng Yan dragged her luggage with her in a bid to get away.

    Mo Yongheng refused to let go of her.

    He frowned and said in a hoarse voice, "Cant you just finish listening to what I have to say?"

    " Okay sure, go ahead."

    Zheng Yan took a deep breath, turned and looked obediently at him.