The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1497

    Chapter 1497 My Neighbor My Big Brother

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    "A gentleman reasons instead of resorting to force. Anyway, nothing happened between us. Youve kissed me and hugged me and have even seen me naked. It would have been perfectly understandable even if I wanted you to take responsibility. Im already being very nice so dont push your luck"


    Mo Yongheng uttered, interrupting her.

    Zheng Yan blinked. She was in a daze, confused by what he meant when he said okay.

    Sensing her confusion, Mo Yongheng said in a steady and composed tone, "I will take responsibility."


    Stunned, Zheng Yan fell off the edge of her seat.

    This startled Mo Yongheng and just as he was about to reach out to hold onto her, she recoiled. Sticking herself as close to the car door as possible, she hollered, "Mo Yongheng, are you sick in the head? Youre doing this on purpose to take revenge on me, arent you? Ive already told you I am doing all this for Xiao Mumu. It was a trap to make you sleep with me and pose for those photographs as evidence. Why do you need to take responsibility for this? If you do this, I may misunderstand and think that you like me!"

    With that, Zheng Yan picked herself up.

    She did not dare return to her seat and instead, grabbed onto the back of the front seat in a half-squat, glaring warily at Mo Yongheng.

    Mo Yonghengs gaze flickered.

    Finally, he thought, she had caught on and could sense that he had feelings for her.

    However, she continued

    "Dont even think about falling for me. My hearts already taken, Ive liked this person for many years. Hes my Prince Charming. Even when I was smitten with Young Master Han, it was only because of his handsome face. I am in love with my Prince Charming not only for his looks but also for his inner qualities forget it, you wont know what I mean. Anyway, Ive liked him ever since I was a child. I like every single bit of him, from head to toe!"

    "Your neighbor, your big brother?" Mo Yongheng picked up from where she stopped.

    His eyes were glazed over with affection and tenderness.

    Zheng Yan did not notice the slight change in his expression. She only heard him mentioning her neighbor, the big brother. Her eyes widened in surprise. "How do you know that?"


    "Did I tell you this after having too much to drink yesterday? Yes, the person I like is my neighbor from my childhood days, my big brother. Ive liked him ever since I was a child, for so many years Ive vowed to marry him one day. I dont believe that hes dead, I will keep waiting for him to marry me one day!"

    Zheng Yan did not know why she was telling Mo Yongheng all this.

    Perhaps, she was still reeling in shock after hearing Mo Yongheng say that he wanted to take responsibility.

    She became too chatty whenever she was nervous.

    She tended to ramble on and speak without thinking. She had only one thought in mind nowto ensure that Mo Yongheng gave up on the idea of taking responsibility.

    Hence, she forgot to hold her tongue.

    Mo Yongheng continued to gaze affectionately at her and Zheng Yan was sure he was not even listening to her. All of a sudden, she questioned

    "Do you know what it feels like to think of someone fondly? Even if you dont see that person, you still feel all fuzzy and warm inside?"

    Mo Yonghengs gaze darkened. "Yes I do."

    "Oh please! Dont brag, you havent even been in a relationship, what would you know about liking someone? I promised Xiao Mumu Id seduce you because I wanted you to know how wonderful it feels to be in love with someone. Youve not truly lived if you havent been wholeheartedly in love with someone your entire life. You would have lived in vain!"

    Zheng Yan reached out and patted Mo Yonghengs shoulder when she was done talking.

    "Take my word for it youve got the looks, money, and capability. If youre willing to make the first move, who wouldnt be smitten by you?"