The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1496

    Chapter 1496 The Heartless Woman

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    Just as she thought that Mo Yongheng would devour her, he suddenly stopped.

    There was no sound coming from the video so Zheng Yan had no idea what happened then. She only saw herself trying hard to push Mo Yongheng away and at the very next second, he had released his grip and sat up on the bed.

    Then, he reached out and patted her face, as if he was trying to make her come round.

    She sobered up and even managed to open her eyes to look at him.

    The next instant, she fell into his arms, embraced him and started vomiting

    She puked all over Mo Yongheng.

    Mo Yonghengs face fell immediately.

    He held her so stiffly that she could sense his disbelief emanating through the screen. It was as though someone had paused the footage. For the next minute in the video, he did not move.

    She was still puking her guts out.

    Zheng Yan covered her eyes with her hands. She thought for a moment and put her hands down. She turned to look at Mo Yongheng.

    It was as though he was reminded of what had happened last night after viewing the footage. His face was expressionless and his mouth was twitching slightly.

    Under such circumstances, even if Mo Yongheng had wanted to do anything to her, he would have to first clean her up.

    As a result, what was supposed to be an enticing sight, became the opposite.

    Mo Yongheng seemed to have turned into her butler and was carrying her into the bathroom for a shower.

    He also requested for the service staff to change the bedding.

    By the time he carried her out from the shower, the heartless woman was already sound asleep.

    Mo Yongheng placed her on the bed. She covered herself with the quilt and dozed off.

    With a somber face, Mo Yongheng returned to the bathroom for a cold shower.

    By the time he emerged from the bathroom, Zheng Yan had finished making a scene, had vomited for a second time, and had fallen into a deep sleep.

    He stood next to the bed for a long while, his mind in a blank, staring at her. He then smirked grudgingly and laid down on the bed.

    Just as he was about to switch off the lights, Zheng Yan, who was in a deep sleep, slowly inched herself into his embrace, like a cat. She hugged him tightly and continued sleeping.

    Mo Yongheng was reaching towards the switch and his arm froze in midair.

    He widened his eyes and stared at the person in his embrace.

    His ears turned red.

    The expression in his eyes changed.

    His face seemed to be in a grimace.

    He lifted his arms a few times, wanting to push her away but every time he laid his hand on her shoulder, he hesitated and retracted his hand.

    Finally, he made up his mind and switched off the lights

    Following that, the footage should be of her waking up the next day, muddle-headed and running away with a guilty conscience.

    Zheng Yan shifted her gaze away from the video and turned towards Mo Yongheng. She was too embarrassed to look him in the eye.

    "Im sorry, I didnt mean to puke all over you"

    "As for me trying to make you drunk I simply thought that since you dont have any feelings for Xiao Mumu, you shouldnt force yourself to be with her just to repay a debt to the head of the family. You wouldnt be happy either. I set the trap for you not just to help Xiao Mumu, I meant to help you as well"

    "I take back what I said about you taking advantage of me. If you are still angry with me, you can beat me up."

    Zheng Yan mustered all her courage and rattled on without pausing.

    When she was done and did not hear any reply from Mo Yongheng, she warily peeked one eye open and sneaked a glance at him.

    When she lifted her head, she realized that he was staring intensely at her.

    Zheng Yan was shocked.

    He was still angry and might really take her word for it and was considering whether he should beat her up.

    She instinctively increased her volume when she spoke.