The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1495

    Chapter 1495 Mo Yongheng The Stranger

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    She had originally thought that by being so direct with him, he would at least let her go and move away since he was such a gentleman.

    However, not only did he not budge after she was done talking, but he also leisurely glanced at her and admitted. "Yes, Im taking advantage of you."


    "Now lets talk about that video," said Mo Yongheng.

    Zheng Yan stammered, "What what do you mean? What video? I have no idea what you are talking about."

    Mo Yongheng seized her chin with his slender fingers, forcing her to look at him. He spoke slowly, "The video you filmed in secret, the one of you hugging and smooching with me"

    "Hang on hang on! Hugging and smooching? I did no such thing! I merely kissed you twice and you even pushed me away. You were the one who pushed me onto the bed and kissed me and undressed me"

    Zheng Yan was stumped.

    Mo Yonghengs gaze grew intense and he lifted the corners of his lips. "So, theres indeed a video and youve even watched it?"


    Could she still deny it?

    Perhaps she could pretend to lose her memory lie that the video had become corrupted or she could have accidentally deleted it anything to claim that the video was gone by now.

    "I did undress you and had intended to go one step further. In fact, I was about to go all the way." Mo Yongheng paused momentarily and lifted his head in a leisurely manner to glance at her.

    The look in his eyes was complicated.

    Zheng Yan felt goosebumps all over.

    She couldnt help but ask, "Why did you stop?"

    Initially, she did not believe Mo Yonghengs nonsense. She had seen for herself in the video how he had yanked her clothes away. The hook on her underclothes had even been torn in the process.

    She had stored away her underclothes, they could be used as evidence.

    But after pondering over it carefully, it was true that she did not feel any soreness in her body except for a slight headache from being hungover.

    It was only because the hickeys on her neck and chest had given her the impression that she must have gotten intimate with Mo Yongheng.

    If what he claimed was indeed true, then nothing must have happened?

    The thought flashed across Zheng Yans mind and she heaved a sigh of relief.

    She was about to jump up in excitement!

    If this was the case, she no longer needed to run away

    Mo Yongheng felt a stab of pain when he saw the instant look of relief on her face.

    His eyes met her curious gaze, he tugged at his tie in frustration and let go of her. He leaned back and said coldly, "Ask yourself, did you finish watching the video?"

    " Nope."

    By now, it was pointless to deny she had indeed recorded a video.

    Anyway, since nothing had happened, it should be fine that she had recorded it.

    Zheng Yan took out her cell phone from her pocket in silence, like a guilty child handing over her toy, and passed it to Mo Yongheng.

    Mo Yongheng raised his brow and stared at her but he did not take it.

    He meant for her to watch it carefully.

    Zheng Yan pursed her lips. She switched on the cell phone and opened the video file she had copied inside.

    Skipping over the front part which she had already seen, she flushed as she forwarded the video to the part where Mo Yongheng yanked her clothes away.

    Mo Yongheng kept quiet. His actions did indeed look as though he was going to make a meal of her to satisfy himself. There was no sound coming from the video but the predatory look in his eyes could be clearly seen.

    Zheng Yan had never seen him looking like this and now that she had, she was suddenly gripped with fear.

    It was as though she was the prey sitting next to a wolf.

    She clutched her cell phone and slid further away towards the door.

    At the next moment, she was stunned by what she saw in the video.