The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1494

    Chapter 1494 Selling Herself

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    "Video?" Mo Yongheng raised his eyebrows.

    Clearly, he had missed out the exciting part of last night.

    She was well-prepared. Not only were there photographs, but she had also recorded a video.

    Zheng Yan suddenly realized what she had just blurted out when she heard the sly tone in his question. Shocked, she tried to pry her hand away and staggered backward.

    "No, theres no video, only the photographs you saw anyway, from what I can see, you were the one who took advantage of me, dont even think of denying it!"

    "Did I deny it?"

    Mo Yongheng opened his thin lips in reply as he inched closer towards her, gazing intently at the hickeys on her neck and deliberately pausing after every word.

    "Since youve recorded a video, you should have seen who was the one hugging me and refusing to let go. The person was clinging onto me and trying to kiss me, I was a gentleman and tried to push the person away but she was crying in grievance and demanded to know why I wouldnt allow her to kiss me"

    Mo Yongheng spoke slowly, clearly enunciating every word on purpose.

    Zheng Yan flushed redder with every sentence he said.

    "You were the one who told me that if I did not fall for your trap and do something, it would be considered a failed attempt to seduce me and you wouldnt be able to answer to Nian Xiaomu. That was why I cooperated with you. Now youre saying that I took advantage of you intentionally?"


    Did she even say that?

    Wouldnt that be considered selling herself?

    No way. She was drunk last night and could not recall anything. She should not fall for everything he said.

    He was intentionally trying to trick her and she would not believe a single word.

    "Even if I was the one who made the first move, you could have pushed me away. If I had tried to get closer, you should have tried harder to push me away. Youre highly skilled and I wouldnt have been able to fight you. Why didnt you reject me? You undressed me instead!"

    Zheng Yan stiffened her neck and tried to analyze the situation as calmly as she could.

    Mo Yongheng did not answer immediately but instead, turned his head to look at the people walking past them. He muttered calmly, "Are you sure you want to continue standing here to listen to my answer?"


    Forget it, this was too embarrassing.

    Anyway, Mo Yongheng had caught her and there was no way she could make her escape. It was better for them to find a place to clear things up.

    Zheng Yan snatched her luggage and followed behind him in silence.

    They exited the airports departure hall.

    Mo Yonghengs car was parked in the car park outside. As Zheng Yan was hesitating whether to get into the car, Mo Yongheng reached out to grab hold of her luggage and stuffed it into the car trunk. He then opened the car door for her.

    She took a glance, it was the back seat of the car.

    Well, this was good, if Mo Yongheng was seated at the drivers seat, she wouldnt be able to see his face from this angle and she wouldnt be gripped with a guilty conscience.

    Zheng Yan assured herself and lowered her head to get onto the car.

    She had just settled down when a tall figure climbed into the back seat next to her. His eyes met her startled gaze as he propped himself on one hand and sandwiched her slim figure in between the car seat and his chest.

    He lowered his gaze and it was as though their breathing became entwined.

    Zheng Yan felt goosebumps all over.

    Mo Yonghengs gaze was dark and enshrouded with menace. "You were asking me why I undressed you? I can tell you now."

    "Lets not talk about that for now sit please sit further away, I feel like youre trying to take advantage of me!" Zheng Yan turned around and exclaimed nervously.

    If it were someone else, she might have punched that person by now.

    However, the person taking advantage of her was Mo Yongheng.

    It was awkward between them and Mo Yongheng would have the upper hand if she were to fight him.