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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1493

    Chapter 1493 Ive Seen The Video

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    Although she had no idea what he wanted her to explain.

    With a guilty conscience, Zheng Yan licked her lips and looked around. When she was sure that nobody could overhear their conversation, she lowered her voice, "What happened last night was unexpected, what do you want?"

    "Can I have anything I want?" Mo Yongheng opened his thin lips and replied.

    He did not bother to lower his volume when he spoke and it instantly drew the attention of the staff who were standing around and turned to look in their direction.


    What did he mean by have anything he wants?

    She was the one being taken advantage of last night What more did he expect?

    Couldnt he tell that she was the one interrogating him now?

    Zheng Yan took a deep breath and tried to speak as calmly as she could.

    "Mo Yongheng, youre the guy in this situation. Im not even making a fuss, why cant you pretend nothing happened? Or why cant you think of it as an accident, lets just forget about it?"

    "I dont think I can forget about it."

    Mo Yongheng reached into his pocket and took out his cell phone, opened the photo album and handed it to Zheng Yan.


    Werent these photographs supposed to be with Xiao Mumu? How did he get hold of them?

    Now that she had been caught red-handed, what was she supposed to do?

    "This Actually I"

    Embarrassed, Zheng Yan racked her brains for an explanation. Before she could come up with anything, Mo Yonghengs face darkened. He took the luggage from her, grabbed her hands and dragged her out of the VIP lounge.

    "Mo Yongheng, calm down, its a crime to murder someone. I admit I intended to get you drunk yesterday, just to take some photographs to help Xiao Mumu call off her engagement. You know I didnt mean to hurt you and I didnt actually intend to take advantage of you anyway, I am the one being taken advantage of now"

    Zheng Yans voice trailed off until she was as quiet as a mosquito humming.

    Her pretty face was flushed scarlet, as though it was about to bleed.

    An image of herself naked and waking up in Mo Yonghengs arms flashed before her eyes.

    She straightened her back forcefully and spoke calmly. "Dont worry, you dont have to take any responsibility. It was my fault to begin with. I had bad intentions, so I will bear the consequences. Ive considered it carefully, we dont owe each other"

    "We didnt get intimate." Mo Yongheng raised his dark eyes slightly as he said in a calm tone.

    The sentence struck Zheng Yans mind like a clap of thunder.

    When he met her startled gaze, Mo Yonghengs dark eyes flickered. "We didnt get intimate, cant you tell?"


    "If we had actually gotten intimate last night, do you think you could still be standing here jumping around energetically? Do you think I am that bad in bed?"


    Zheng Yans eyes were wide open, staring at the busy crowd in the airport. Mo Yongheng continued slowly as she felt an urge to pounce on him to keep his mouth shut.

    "So, we dont owe each other anything. Youre the one in my debt all along."

    "Utter rubbish! If we didnt do anything, why is this on my neck?" Zheng Yan pulled down her collar, revealing her porcelain-smooth skin.

    The hickeys on her neck were clearly visible.

    This was the best evidence.

    There were more on her chest but she was too embarrassed to show him anymore.

    Mo Yongheng stared at the hickeys, visibly stunned. In an instant, his gaze darkened and flickered dangerously.

    Zheng Yan exclaimed coldly, "Dont try to deny it! Ive seen the video, it was you who did this to me!"