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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1492

    Chapter 1492 Run Another Hundred Meters If You Can

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    Mo Yongheng was at the airport.

    He had bought tickets for the same flight as hers and had just boarded the flight.

    If she were to board the flight now, she would surely bump into him.

    Bump into him

    Hang on!

    Mo Yongheng did not mention that he was going overseas for work. Furthermore, as Mo Kuns case was still under investigation and he was an important witness, he was not supposed to leave City N so freely.

    So where exactly was he going?

    Zheng Yan was confused but it suddenly struck her.

    She stared at his back as he disappeared from view and it suddenly dawned on her that it was not a coincidence that Mo Yongheng was on the same flight as her. He was here to seize her!


    Zheng Yan shuddered at the thought.

    She grabbed her luggage, turned and walked towards the lounge.

    "Madam, youre going in the wrong direction. The boarding gate is this way!" A member of staff called out loudly behind her.

    He went on

    "This is the final boarding call for all passengers. The doors of the aircraft will be closing soon. Please proceed to the gate immediately."

    "I wont be boarding!"

    Zheng Yan scurried towards the exit without turning back.

    She couldnt care less that the plane was about to depart. Even if Earth were to be destroyed at this moment, she would not board that plane.

    She fervently wished that the plane would depart as soon as possible so Mo Yongheng would leave too.

    Lugging her suitcase, Zheng Yan wished that she could have more than one pair of legs, so she could dash out of the VIP lounge in one second.

    It never occurred to her during work trips that the VIP lounge was so huge.

    However, she felt as though it was taking her forever to walk out of the lounge today.

    Zheng Yan could no longer be concerned with how she looked. She ran as fast as her feet could take her on her twelve centimeters high heels.

    She was just about to reach the door but before she could celebrate the win, she stopped in her tracks.

    It was as if she sensed something she turned her head warily.

    Her eyes met the dark gaze of the person who was standing less than five meters away and her face instantly turned ghastly pale!

    In the huge VIP lounge, the aircraft had just closed its doors for boarding.

    There was no one else in the lounge except for the staff.

    Mo Yongheng, who was supposed to be on the flight, had somehow made a U-turn and was now standing behind Zheng Yan, expressionless, gazing deeply at her.

    Their eyes met and Zheng Yan was dumbfounded.

    Stunned and rooted to the spot, Zheng Yan rationalized if she didnt want to die, she had to run away right now, as fast as she could.

    Yet, at the next moment, she told herself that it was impossible for her to outrun Mo Yongheng anyway. If he were to catch her after she ran away, she might suffer even more!

    There seemed to be two voices arguing inside her head.

    One was telling her to make a dash for it, the other was telling her to stay put.

    So she stood rooted to the ground, staring blankly as Mo Yongheng headed towards her.

    The tall figure stood firmly in front of her.

    He said in a deep voice.

    "Why have you stopped? Go ahead and run another hundred meters if you can."


    Zheng Yan flushed, she paused for a long while before she managed to reply. "Why are you here?"

    "Where should I be then? In the hotel room or on your bed"

    Before Mo Yongheng could finish his sentence, Zheng Yan lunged forward to cover his mouth.

    "Stop talking, there are people around!"


    Mo Yongheng kept quiet. Her hand was still on his mouth and he lowered his gaze, staring at her coldly.

    Zheng Yan calmed down and realized what she was doing. She quickly pulled her hand away.

    She grabbed her luggage and turned to leave.

    She took a step and realized that she could not move her luggage.

    She turned back and saw Mo Yongheng stepping on one of the roller-wheels of her luggage.

    She tugged at it but it would not budge and Mo Yongheng had no intention of giving way.

    His gaze seemed to be telling her that he was waiting for her explanation.