The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1491

    Chapter 1491 He Was Just Right In Front Of Her

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    Even though she had not seen him or heard his voice, she somehow felt like he was right beside her somewhere nearby.

    Whenever someone entered the VIP lounge, she would raise her head nervously to see who it was.

    It seemed as if Mo Yongheng would appear in front of her at the next moment.

    A few tense minutes passed but Mo Yongheng did not appear.

    Zheng Yan finally heaved a sigh of relief and slumped into the back of her chair in exhaustion. She lowered her head and tucked her cell phone, which she had switched off, into her bag. She convinced herself that she had only switched it off as she was about to board a flight and it wasnt because she was afraid of Mo Yongheng.

    She was just being obedient and had switched off her mobile phone earlier than others.

    After much self-persuasion, some color finally returned to her ashen face.

    After she had calmed down, she began to despise herself once more.

    It was just a one night stand and she had been drunk. Even if something did indeed happen, she was the girl and the one at a disadvantage. He should be thankful that she did not try to get even with him, why should she be afraid of him?

    If he dared appear in front of her now, she would definitely not be terrified!

    Yes! This was how it should be!

    Anyway, he would not be here for sure. She was simply trying to act heroically, to coax herself, and to cheer herself up.

    Zheng Yan patted her cheeks and just as she was about to touch-up her makeup in the restroom, an air stewardess came in to address the passengers.

    "Dear valued passengers, the aircraft is now ready for boarding. Please follow me to the boarding gate."

    Most of the passengers in the VIP lounge stood up.

    Zheng Yan glanced at the time, there was some time to spare. Due to her nervousness, she needed to use the restroom urgently.

    She informed the air stewardess and hastily ran to the washroom.

    She relieved herself as fast as she could. By the time she came out of the washroom, the lounge was empty.

    There was a commotion where someone was standing in front of some airport staff.

    "Excuse me, Sir, this is the VIP lounge. If you are not a VIP passenger about to board the flight, you should not be boarding from here. Please show us your boarding pass or we will have to call security!"

    It seemed as if someone had tried to forcibly enter the VIP lounge.

    How bold

    Zheng Yan sighed. She was keen to see who could be so bold but before she could make out the persons looks, she heard a mans cold voice.

    "Get lost!"

    These two simple words made her heart stop momentarily.

    Her eyes widened as she stared at the man standing before her, surrounded by airport security and staff.

    Had the voice been a figment of her imagination?

    Why would Mo Yongheng be here?

    She must have been mistaken

    She had just hung up Mo Yonghengs call and must be too stressed, this was why she was imagining things. She had better go splash some water on her face to awaken her senses.

    Zheng Yan was just about to turn and leave when she saw Mo Yonghengs assistant scurry in.

    He was holding two boarding passes.

    "Here is the boarding pass. Im so sorry, our Young Master didnt mean to cause any disturbances, he was just anxious to board the flight!"

    A staff member then stepped forward to inspect the boarding pass he was holding.

    Once it was confirmed that he was speaking the truth, the security stepped aside.

    Mo Yongheng did not look too well, with beads of perspiration trickling down his forehead. He scurried towards the boarding gate without stopping, leaving behind Zheng Yan, who had just come out of the washroom lugging her suitcase. Shocked, she stood frozen at the door in a daze.

    Her eyes were not playing tricks on her, she had indeed seen Mo Yongheng just now