The Rest Of My Life Is For You
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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1490

    Chapter 1490 Catching You

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    The butler hadnt lied to him, there was really no one in the room.

    There was only a floor covered in rose petals.

    Mo Yongheng walked in and opened the closet. The empty hangers and some missing skincare on the table showed that the owner of the room had really left

    Mo Yongheng froze in his spot.

    When he came back to his senses, he walked up and grabbed the butler. "When did she leave? Where did she go!"

    "Just, just now a few minutes before you came. Young Master Yongheng, what I said is true. Missy did not say where she was going, she only said she was going on a holiday. She also asked me to tell anyone who came to look for her that she wont be back for a month."

    The butler was frightened by Mo Yonghengs glare and did not dare to hide anything. He told him everything he knew.

    "I am sure that Missy did not book the ticket in advance. She should be arriving at the airport about now!"


    Mo Yongheng let go of the butler and ran downstairs.

    He ran at his fastest speed to get back into his car and called his assistant.

    "Help me check for all the flights that are about to take off, tell me which flight she is taking!"

    "Who?" The assistant was stunned.

    "Who else? Zheng Yan!" Mo Yongheng yelled at the phone.

    That finally brought the assistant back to his senses, and he was shocked. "Young Master Yongheng, did Miss Zheng really abandon you?"


    "Im sorry! I will check immediately!" The assistant felt danger and hung up quickly.

    Soon, there was news.

    Zheng Yan did go to the airport and she bought the earliest flight leaving City N.


    Mo Yongheng slammed his phone on the passenger seat.

    He tightened his grip on the steering wheel and rushed towards the airport.

    However, he soon encountered a traffic jam. He was stuck on the road and barely moved five meters in 10 minutes.

    According to this speed, by the time he reached the airport, her flight may already have landed in another city!

    Mo Yongheng looked at the long queue of cars ahead of him and it was the first time a traffic jam had felt so unbearable.

    He tugged at his tie anxiously as he picked up his phone and dialed the familiar number.

    From this morning, he had called the same number numerous times, however, her phone was always off.

    He just wanted to try again and dialed once more. Who knew that it would go through!

    He almost thought he was hallucinating when he heard the ring tone.

    Before he could react, she hung up.

    When he called again, it was off again.


    Zheng Yan better pray that she can run forever or once he catches her, she will get it!

    After a few minutes, the cars finally started moving.

    Once Mo Yongheng cleared the heavy traffic, he stepped down on the accelerator. His car sped off into the distance.

    Give him 15 minutes, he just needed 15 minutes!

    At the airport.

    As the time for departure drew closer.

    Zheng Yan was dragging her luggage to the VIP lounge, waiting for the announcement.

    She held her phone and thought about the call she received the moment she turned on her phone. She was restless.