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    The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1489

    Chapter 1489 Ran?

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    If two roses were not accurate, then she would start counting the third one.

    She counted the roses one by one and she still could not decide.

    Knock, knock!

    Someone knocked on the door.

    The butler brought in a bouquet of roses and walked in. "Missy, these are the last roses in the mansion."

    It meant that if she still wanted to destroy the flowers, he had to go out and buy them.


    She had counted so many roses?

    "No!" Zheng Yan jumped up from the bed and scratched her head. "This is not reliable at all. Isnt it just odd and even counts, how can it help with deciding? It is to fool the fools!"

    Unfortunately, she was the fool who had been fooled for a couple of hours.

    When she realized that she was scolding herself, she got even more upset.

    She asked the butler to put down the roses and get her luggage.

    "Missy, why do you want your luggage?" The butler was taken aback.

    "I am going on holiday. I remembered that the corporation is not very busy now. I want to go out for a while. Dont ask so much, hurry and get my luggage!"

    As Zheng Yan spoke she jumped off the bed.

    Stepping on the petals, she walked to her closet and started taking out clothes.

    The butler took her luggage out quickly.

    He couldnt help but say, "Missy, someone came to look for you just now."


    Zheng Yan froze and looked at the butler.

    The butler explained, "Before Miss Nian left, she said that you didnt want to see anyone. If anyone came to find you, I was to say that you were overseas. At first, I thought that no one would come. Who knew that Young Master Yongheng would come after that."


    Zheng Yan dropped her bag on the floor in shock.

    "I said what Miss Nian told me and he left. However, I feel like he will come back again"

    Zheng Yans face turned pale before the butler finished his sentence.

    She took the luggage, stuffed a few clothes inside, and packed a few things. Then, she closed the luggage quickly and walked out.

    She walked to the stairway and then she turned back and told the butler.

    "If anyone comes to find me, tell them I went overseas for a week No, I wont be back for a month!"

    "Missy, let me carry the luggage for you!"

    "There is no need to. Dont worry about me!"

    Zheng Yan carried the luggage herself and ran as if her life depended on it.

    She didnt call a chauffeur and drove to the airport herself.

    She left a confused butler at the door, watching her speed away.

    A few minutes later, one car stopped in front of Zheng Familys mansion.

    Mo Yongheng climbed out of the car.

    This time, before he asked the butler answered automatically. "Young Master Yongheng, Missy is not at home. She just left for a holiday!"

    They were the exact same words that he had said that afternoon.

    Mo Yongheng did not believe him, he walked past the butler and into the house.

    The butler didnt dare to ask the bodyguards to stop and could only explain.

    "Young Master Yongheng, what I am saying is true! Missy is really not at home. She just left a few minutes ago to the airport!"

    Mo Yongheng stopped in front of Zheng Yans door and said solemnly, "Open the door!"

    "" The butler looked at him, hesitated for a second and opened it.

    Mo Yonghengs pupils shrank when he saw an empty room!