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    Chapter 1487 Pitiful Mo Yongheng

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    Furthermore, the Zheng Family was the Mo Familys guardian family. If the Old Master wanted to punish Zheng Yan, even President Zheng could not do anything.

    "You think that if you dont say I cant tell?" Mo Chengxian asked Nian Xiaomu to help him sit up straight.

    He took one glance at Mo Yongheng and it was as if he knew everything.

    He spoke slowly.

    "Is she the Zheng Familys daughter?"

    Others may not know, but Mo Chengxian would not forget about that girl.

    Mo Yongheng had been brought up by him.

    He could control his emotions really well when he was young. The only time he lost control was when he went out and after that, he shut himself in his room and refused to talk for a week.

    Mo Chengxian had to question the people following him one by one before finding out what had happened. He had met the Zheng Familys daughter and became like that.

    The two of them did not talk much. Mo Yongheng only asked her if she knew who he was.

    The girl answered, "Young Master Yongheng." Then, his face fell and he shut himself in a room.

    After that, Mo Chengxian remembered that the Zheng Family mansion was next door to where Mo Yongheng stayed when he was young.

    They may be childhood friends

    He had been thinking of the girl for so many years and yet she forgot about him. That was why he was so upset.

    "Old Master, this has got nothing to do with anyone. It is my own problem. I have let you down!"

    Mo Yongheng did not expect the Old Master to guess accurately. He was shocked as he kowtowed down to him.

    Seeing him like this, Nian Xiaomu was also worried about involving Zheng Yan. She couldnt bother about Qi Yans reminder and spoke.

    "Grandpa, I dont like Mo Yongheng. Even if he doesnt cancel the engagement, I will not marry him. I really hate him now!"

    Nian Xiaomu tried to convince the Old Master.

    She took the phone from her pocket and opened albums.

    She showed the Old Master the photos from the USB.

    "He has cheated. Would you still want a grandson-in-law like that? I wouldnt!"


    Mo Chengxian was still solemn just now. Upon seeing Nian Xiaomus photos, his eyes narrowed.

    He took over the phone in disbelief and took a closer look.

    The photos Zheng Yan passed Nian Xiaomu had been processed. All the photos showed Mo Yonghengs body or face, Zheng Yan was well hidden.

    At most, it showed half her face.

    Even so, the photos were ambiguous enough.

    Any adult would be able to imagine what was going to happen next.

    "Ahem! Ahem!"

    Mo Chengxian coughed to hide his emotions.

    Then, he threw the phone onto the bed coldly.

    "What can a few photos prove? Bring that girl to me!"

    "That may be difficult."

    When Nian Xiaomu saw that he was no longer that furious, she added, "These photos were taken last night. I heard that when he woke up, she had left him. He was still begging me to help him just now."


    "So grandpa, dont be angry. He is pitiful enough, maybe he will up end with nothing and have to beg to marry me again!"